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Applications of Rubber in Industries
Jan 17 , 2021 | Industry News
       Applications of Rubber in Industries   Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from gum extracted from rubber tree, rubber grass, and other plants; synthetic rubber is made from various monomers by...
Silicone Injection Molding Process Step by Step
Dec 13 , 2020 | Industry News
Successful customized silicone injection molding requires process management guided by professional knowledge and precise technology.   The preparation work in the early stage is very important, which requires the injection machine engineers and professional...
“Rubber VS Silicone VS Liquid Silicone Rubber”, which is made by the same molding machine?
Dec 07 , 2020 | Industry News
No, there is two kinds machine, one is compression molding machine for rubber and solid silicone, another is injection molding machine for liquid silicone rubber. What is Vacuum Compression Molding machine of rubber or silicone?   What is Injection Molding...
How to use Silicone Baby Teething Gloves
Nov 13 , 2020 | Industry News
When the baby is ready to have teeth, he always puts his hand in mouth. At this time, you will find a comfortable and safe toy for your baby. More and more parents choose teething gloves, which are mainly composed of two parts. One part is silicone, the other part...
CLEAR TRANSPARENT OPTICAL LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER (LSR) Cover -equiv. to the specs of the glass
Oct 26 , 2020 | Industry News
Strong Growth Opportunities for High-Transparency LSR High-transparency LSR grades are increasingly specified for new high-power LED lighting technologies, which require materials that can retain optical clarity when exposed to high temperatures and ultraviolet (UV) light for...
5 Advantage- LSR injection molding Capabilities- Custom Engineer Solution
Oct 11 , 2020 | Industry News
Melon Rubber is a leading manufacturer of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding with Innovative technology meeting custom injection molding, overmolding silicone o-ring, bellows, static seals, gaskets, membranes, septa, plugs, silicone-to-plastic bonded and...
Can silicone be injection molded? What is liquid silicone used for?
Oct 07 , 2020 | Industry News
Yes, liquid silicone rubber could be injection molded, which is one type of silicone. which includes liquid silicone and solid silicone.   The main difference between liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone rubber is that one is injection molding...
What Makes Rubber O Ring Seals Ideal to Use?
Feb 13 , 2020 | Industry News
Rubber o ring seals are the most common fluid power seals that include a donut-shaped ring or toroid that comes with a circular cross section to taken into use in different machinery types, tools and devices or in engines. These high-grade and durable rubber O-Ring seals are...
Different types of gaskets and seals
Jan 08 , 2020 | Industry News
When you make a search related to the rubber gasket, you can start finding out a lot of different types of gaskets and seals are available:  * Cooling system seals that are suitable for the fixing and sealing that matches the components and pipe that joint to inhibit the...
Required steps to design custom rubber seals
Dec 05 , 2019 | Industry News
For designing the custom rubber seals, it required for you to follow the three different steps as follows.: * First there is a need for you to understand the needs for the molded rubber gaskets.  *  It is used for determining out the proper level of compressive...
Get Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts To Meet Your Specification 
Nov 07 , 2019 | Industry News
The liquid silicone rubber finds huge applications worldwide and can be injected into a molding part to get a perfect design. Among others, it is the one which is very versatile and considers huge benefits in the field like industry, medical specimens and so on. On the other...
What is liquid silicone rubber used for?
Oct 17 , 2019 | Industry News
Liquid silicone rubber becomes perfect material for manufacturing rubber parts & products. It is totally different from conventional processes. It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications such as medical, aerospace, infant care, automotive, electronics, and many...
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