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How to use Silicone Baby Teething Gloves
Nov 13 , 2020 | Industry News
When the baby is ready to have teeth, he always puts his hand in mouth. At this time, you will find a comfortable and safe toy for your baby. More and more parents choose teething gloves, which are mainly composed of two parts. One part is silicone, the other part...
CLEAR TRANSPARENT OPTICAL LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER (LSR) Cover -equiv. to the specs of the glass
Oct 26 , 2020 | Industry News
Strong Growth Opportunities for High-Transparency LSR High-transparency LSR grades are increasingly specified for new high-power LED lighting technologies, which require materials that can retain optical clarity when exposed to high temperatures and ultraviolet (UV) light for...
New Dog Toy Order/ Rubber Food Grade Pet Training Toy Order From USA/AwesomeRubber Supplier
Oct 13 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is a rubber pet toy supplier, We provide quality rubber dog toys and pet training toys for kids, dogs, and cats with the best pet toy with the best quality. We guarantee excellent service, excellent service quality, and most importantly the best care. We have experience...
General quotes of rubber parts from Slovenia
Oct 13 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is a recognized leading manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber seals, custom rubber gaskets, rubber o ring seals and various rubber plastic products development, which is used in industries that span automotive, defense, sporting goods, medical devices. Our...
5 Advantage- LSR injection molding Capabilities- Custom Engineer Solution
Oct 11 , 2020 | Industry News
Melon Rubber is a leading manufacturer of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding with Innovative technology meeting custom injection molding, overmolding silicone o-ring, bellows, static seals, gaskets, membranes, septa, plugs, silicone-to-plastic bonded and...
Can silicone be injection molded? What is liquid silicone used for?
Oct 07 , 2020 | Industry News
Yes, liquid silicone rubber could be injection molded, which is one type of silicone. which includes liquid silicone and solid silicone.   The main difference between liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone rubber is that one is injection molding...
RFQ story between Buyer and China OEM ventilator diaphragm valve manufacturer
Sep 11 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is OEM ventilator diaphragm valve ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, professional experience and free samples for quality...
How to choose a Pacifier/Dummy/Binky for your baby?
Aug 12 , 2020 | Other News
A pacifier or dummy, or Dodie is a rubber, plastic or silicone nipple given to an infant to suck upon.The baby silicone pacifier is a substitute for the mother's nipple. It is a tool to help the baby to be quiet when the baby is crying or sleeping.   How to choose...
United Kingdom audio customers are satisfied with Melon O-ring
Jul 16 , 2020 | Company News
  Basically, O-Ring is a simple yet common tools that helps to create a seal interface in which easy to manufacture with reliable function and simple installation requirements. Due to the affordable price of O-ring, it has been universally used by mechanical industries....
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