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MELON manufacturer offers custom silicone molds, rubber mould, custom silicone product, custom rubber products, liquid silicone rubber productsfor global clients. Fully customization & Wholesale prices.

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MELON is a professional rubber products manufacturer / silicone product manufacturer / liquid silicone rubber manufacturer in China. The factory can provide custom products manufacturing service 

and competitive wholesale prices for global clients. 

Quick Response
Quick Response

Price provided within 24H when received RFQ.8-D feedback within 48 H when received claim

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

Basing in China with western management price will be 30% cost lower compared with western

Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee

many years of processing experience with TS strict quality control team

Professional Analysis and Suggestion
Professional Analysis and Suggestion

80% of engineer team with more than 9 +years professional on-site experience

Timely Project Following-Up
Timely Project Following-Up

One-stop engineer project service is offered through photos,Videos and reports to show you the details

Full Service
Full Service

From rubber gasket , silicone sealing, mould to part assembly,to ensure customer' need with fully managed service.

One-Stop Custom Silicone/LSR/Rubber Products Service!

Low MOQ & Factory Direct Prices
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Case Studies

RFQ Custom Case of Compression Mold Rubber Mould for Overseas Customer

Do you need custom rubber silicone mold?How to custom mold in Melon? See follow Custom Mold RFQ Good...

Customized Rubber Casings for Electrical Devices

RFQ From Devices Client   I am ** from ** Devices Ltd !!! We wanted to manufacture customized...

Engineer rubber cover of Lebanon’ Client-do not have a drawing and small batch only 50 sets

Difficulties of this client: 1.50 Set quantity is very small, existing rubber manufacturer does not provide...

DIA 38MM Viton rubber sleeve for core flooding experiments to University of New South Wales-Australia

Original rubber sleeve RFQ is as below Hi, I am looking for a viton rubber sleeve for core flooding experiments. The...

Two Material non conductive rubber overmolding

08th Nov received below non conductive silicone rubber, conductive silicone rubber overmolding inquiry Total length...

Viton Custom Seal Ring bonded metal ring manufacturer china/ lower working temperature -35 ℃

Enquiry information Part Name: Lip Sealing of Viton Material: Viton FKM Hardness:80-90 Shore A Working...

Rubber and Gasket Seal

Rubber and Gasket Seal are widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical industry, antistatic, flame retardant, food...

Recent News

Self-lubricating liquid silicone, Wear-resistant liquid silicone, Conductive liquid silicone, High tear resistance medical silicone, and their Applications
Self-lubricating liquid silicone, Wear-resistant liquid silicone,... 2023-03-22 Liquid silicone is a versatile material that has gained popularity over the years due to its unique properties such as flexibility, durability, and resistance...
Rubber Silicone O-Ring Benefits
Rubber Silicone O-Ring Benefits 2023-03-18 Rubber silicone O-rings are among the most widely used sealing components in various industries due to their excellent properties, versatility, and...
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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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