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Custom Protective Silicone Rubber Viton Sleeve with High Pressure Resistant

Custom Protective Silicone Rubber Viton Sleeve with High Pressure Resistant


Name: Rubber Bush/Rubber Cover/Rubber Sleeve

Material: Natural Rubber, Silicone, Liquid Silicone,NBR, FKM, Viton,EPDM, silicon rubber

Color:Black ,White or Custom

Hardness:30-80 Shore A or IRHD

Quality Tolerance control:DIN ISO3301/N FT47-001/Rma/DIN7715

Provide Service: Rubber compression molding, Rubber to metal molding, Rubber extrusion molding and Custom rubber molding

Application: applied in Automobile, furniture, machinery, electronic, household, medical, etc


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The rubber bushing sleeve is a basic type of coupling. This consists of a tube whose hole diameter is machined to the required size of the shaft. Rubber sleeves and bumpers can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to meet application needs.According to the performance, it can be divided into: waterproof, dustproof, insulating, flame retardant, anti-pressure buffer, oil seal, damping, protection, outlet protection. Rubber sleeve bushings are used in a wide range of applications, such as covering joints, pipe joints, non-slip handles, insulating sheaths, insulated jackets, etc.,and   used in different mechanical and electrical components, as well as in medical, agricultural, and everyday life.


Silicone Rubber Sleeve

Re Viton rubber sleeve Quality

Our compounds has passed oil & gas testing, below is one feedback for reference

Of course, also is approval by orogenic


Eco-friendly rubber grip, rubber sleeve, rubber handle sleeve with groove

Feature:Excellent elasticity, no-slip
Comfortable hand feeling
Flexible design
Resistance to corrosive fluids
High tolerance and coupling effect
Working Temperature range: -10 up to 150oC

Silicone Rubber Sleeve


Non-slip, colored, electrically insulated, 25MM fishing rod handle sheath

Feature:High durability
Impact resistance
Anti corrosive
Withstand high temperature

Silicone Rubber Sleeve


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