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Two Material non conductive rubber overmolding

08th Nov received below non conductive silicone rubber, conductive silicone rubber overmolding inquiry

Total length 19.5, width 6MM.

two layers of conductive rubber and one layer of non-conductive rubber

colorful conductive rubber overmolding

very challenging projectsmiley


what is conductive rubber silicone? what is non condutive rubber silicone? 

Silicone can be conductive or non-conductive. The surface resistance of ordinary silica gel to more than 12 to the power of 10 is insulation and non-conductivity. For example, the silicone in the keypad needs high elasticity and can be electrically connected. By adding special materials such as nickel, copper, aluminum, and even gold and silver to the conductive and superconductive functions, the volume resistance can reach 0.004 ohms. Super conductive silicone can be used at -55 to 120 ℃ for a long time. It is used to manufacture conductive silicone products such as electromagnetic shielding products, capacitive screen mobile phone pen tips, conductive silicone tablets, and conductive silicone pads.


After receiving the condutive inquiry, Melon' R & D mold design engineer and mold processing department immediately organized analysis

and made two sets of molding plans within 48 hours to new client.

10days, two layers of conductive rubber and one layer of non-conductive rubber parts come out as below

Melon can provide professional conductive rubber,non conductive,electrically conductive rubber molding/overmolding service.


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