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Types of Rubber Moulding
Aug 09 , 2021 | Other News
  Rubber moulding is a process that includes transformation raw rubber into a final product of the desired shape. This is the process by which raw rubber is used to produce the final functional product. This process helped us in achieving different forms of rubber, which...
How to Make a Mold for Rubber Part?
Jul 06 , 2021 | Other News
Want to preserve a delicate sculpture? Or maybe you want to make a duplicate of it. Rubber molds are an easy solution to this and an excellent way to learn something unique and new. By using the right supplies and techniques, you can reproduce as many intricate designs as you...
What is Food Grade Silicone and Why is it Better Than Plastic?
Apr 30 , 2021 | Other News
Single-use plastics were made for convenience, but there’s no question that plastic is toxic to the environment and our bodies. Americans use 100 Billion plastic bags per year with only 1% of those being recycled. The rest? They end up in landfills where...
How to Find a Reliable Silicone Beads Manufacturer?
Apr 20 , 2021 | Other News
    Why Choose silicone beads manufacturer in China? Finding the Chinese manufacturer for your product is the right decision in 2021. Keep in mind that you are choosing the right Chinese silicone beads manufacturer. When you are thinking about...
Silicone Beads Manufacturer,Food Grade Baby Silicone Beads Wholesale
Apr 10 , 2021 | Other News
Baby begins to grow teeth at the age of 3 to 7 months. At this time, the baby starts to drool and is restless. He likes to bite hard things or always gnaws his fingers. You have to give him something to massage the gums to relieve the discomfort. Baby teething beads are very...
Custom Duckbill Rubber Check Valve,Rubber One Way Valve
Mar 31 , 2021 | Industry News
Rubber duckbill valve is made of high-quality elastic rubber material and built-in reinforced fiber. The appearance of duckbill check valve is like duckbill's flexible check valve. Rubber duckbill valve is also rubber one way valve,duckbill backflow preventer. According to...
Rubber Sleeve Manufacturer Custom Rubber Sleeves in Various Sizes and Colors
Mar 23 , 2021 | Industry News
Rubber sleeve is also called rubber sleeve bushing.Rubber sleeve is a rubber protective sleeve used between mechanical parts or installation parts.Rubber sleeve plays the role of wear resistance, buffer and shock absorption in the movement of mechanical parts, and can also...
Liquid Injection Molding Pacifier process
Mar 17 , 2021 | Industry News
Wikipedia definition for Pacifier A pacifier is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple substitute given to an infant to suckle upon between feedings to quiet its distress by satisfying the need to suck. Compared to sucking fingers,  Taking Pacifier is healthier...
Customized Standard and Non-Standard Seal Rings,O Ring,O Ring Gasket
Mar 16 , 2021 | Other News
O Ring Seal O-ring is a circular rubber seal with circular cross section. O ring is mainly used for mechanical parts to prevent leakage of liquid and gas medium under static conditions. When used for rotary motion seal, it is limited to the sealing element of low speed...
Silicone Products Manufacturing Process
Mar 11 , 2021 | Industry News
Silicone products began to be used in more and more fields. It is because of its non-toxic, tasteless and high temperature resistance that silicone is used in many fields.  The production process of different silicone products is also different. Here are 4...
D25.5*D17*24.5MM silicone Duckbill valve to United State client
Mar 09 , 2021 | Company News
Today, the first order of D25.5*D17*24.5MM silicone Duckbill valve 5000pcs was shipped to United State client Mr.Bob.  We are very excited because this duckbill valve order created the fastest trade record in January 2021. Received Mr Bob’s duckkbill valve RFQ on...
2021 Happy OX Year- thanks to our Client & friends we met
Feb 23 , 2021 | Company News
Happy OX year!   I hope you all are fine despite this hard times we are enduring.   We are back to work today and everything is back to normal,please feel free to contact us.  In the 2021 New Year, we will try our best to coordinate wherever you need...
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