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Find Out Fits Customer Rubber to Order with Instant Discount
Feb 28,2023 | Company News

To order quality custom molded rubber, you must go with Melon Rubber Moulds ltd. It is filled with many moulded rubber with various sizes and style options. Hence, ordering from the same company with instant discounts and deals is more comfortable. It is well-compression and transfer rubber, with a lead time of up to 7 days for prototype tooling and samples. New technology supports fast mould design and needs to be done 24 hours after getting customer drawing support. Melon rubber offers durable customer rubber compression and transfer for various customer rubber parts. This leading manufacturer and supplier have devoted itself to rubber for over ten years, including the customer rubber mould maker and compression moulding.

High hardened:

Our customer expectation is offering the first class service. Each product is committed to delivering high performance at competitive pricing in the market. Once you place an order online, we assure to deliver exceptional customer service in china; we expect you to become a long-term partner filled with many years of experience in delivering real products to customers for different applications. It is designed, manually operated, and well-hardened up to 50 to 52 Rc. Hence you can order custom-molded rubber at an unbeatable price.

Different usage:

This rubber is best for low to medium volumes areas and applies to bulky products. You can use this rubber for gasket and O- rings to avoid releasing the pressure. This mould type has unique benefits, which allow picking the right compound and rubber moulding process to meet with results. Even you can ensure the performance level and cost-effectiveness at all times. It is the process of the turn raw rubber or synthetic runners into a product with a wish geometry design. It is out to buy at a low budget with various sizes and styles according to the need.

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