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Get liquid silicone rubber parts from Melon
Aug 12 , 2019 | Industry News
In industrial applications, liquid silicone rubber parts are an essential component for their low viscosity. Moreover, it is a simple and great option for getting the small molded components easily. At the same time, the LSR is operated in the temperature range of -65°C...
Find industrial gaskets manufacturers to get custom gasket 
Aug 12 , 2019 | Industry News
Custom gaskets are used in numerous mechanical devices in order to seal joints between metal surfaces to prevent leaking of air or fluids. They are a vital sealing component of fluid transference systems for preventing the leakage. Generally, gaskets come in different types such...
Liquid rubber use in daily life  can be seen everywhere
Aug 04 , 2019 | Industry News
The daily use of liquid silicone products is very wide, ranging from electrical industry applications to small pieces of everyday furniture. The reason why liquid silicone can be completely replaced by plastics is the best choice for life and even industrial applications. Liquid...
Different kinds of liquid silicone rubber parts
Jun 25 , 2019 | Industry News
At present, the liquid silicone rubber is used as an adhesive because it offers the supreme range of flexibility and also exceptionally high heat resistant suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries such as automotive, electronic, electrical, construction...
Where is Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts Used?
May 08 , 2019 | Industry News
Are you choosing materials to manufacture critical parts & components? If so then consider Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). It is the primary material which is mainly used for manufacturing needs and no need of experts help to make it. Its characteristics, as well as chemical...
How to choose material of rubber products to save money?
Mar 29 , 2019 | Industry News
Here you will find simple explanations how to choose right material of rubber products step by step and then to save money.   1.Price ranking of different rubber material FVMQ>FKM>HNBR>AEM>ACM>ECO VMQ>CR>EPDM>NBR>SBR>NR below is...
Why liquid silicone rubber is the best alternative to plastics?What’s liquid silicone rubber( LSR)? what’s the difference between solid silicone and liquid silicone rubber?
Mar 22 , 2019 | Industry News
What kind of material is liquid silicone rubber (LSR)? 1. A non-toxic, heat-resistant, highly resilient, flexible thermoset material. 2. It is a double liquid fast vulcanizing material with platinum as vulcanizing agent, which can be injection molded. Large, fast and...
How to make o-ring quality inspection? what is the o-ring common appearance problems?
Mar 19 , 2019 | Industry News
The O-ring is a two-way sealing element. The initial compression of the O-ring in the radial or axial direction determines the initial sealing capacity of the O-ring. So the appearance of the O-ring is very important.   Melon manufacture AS568 O-ring standard size...
What is liquid silicone rubber parts used for?
Mar 14 , 2019 | Industry News
Over many years, liquid silicone rubber parts have been used in many industrial and other application processes for its unlimited benefits. Recently, its use has increased a lot in several areas such as infant care. In fact, liquid silicone rubber parts provide properties, which...
Different o-rings sizes( including clear silicone o-rings, white o-rings)
Mar 01 , 2019 | Industry News
A brief description of the O-ring: The O-ring is a rubber ring with a circular interface and is the most widely used seal in liquid pneumatics. O-ring features 1: small size is easy to assemble and disassemble 2: Both static and dynamic seals are available 3: Static...
Viton o-ring size chart, Multiple sizes silicone rubber seal O-ring
Jan 31 , 2019 | Industry News
Melon rubber is one leading o-ring manufacturer with multiple sizes, like viton O-ring, silicone o-ring, rubber o-ring( NBR, NR, CR, EPDM ACM). viton o-ring size chart     SIL silicone rubber o-ring:     It has excellent heat resistance,...
Types of o-ring seals and o ring material
Jan 10 , 2019 | Industry News
In this article, we will discuss the common types of o-ring seals, o-ring material, what is they made, and applications o-ring( how they are used ) O-ring is a solid rubber seal, annualr seal that is used primarily to block the passage of gases or liquids when squeezed...
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