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What is the difference between solid normal silicone and liquid silicone rubber?
Nov 15 , 2018 | Industry News
The finished products of liquid silicone rubber and solid sillicone are not easy to distinguish. Here are some reference choices how to silicone injection molding design guide Manufacturing?       1. Material...
Types and Advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber
Nov 14 , 2018 | Industry News
The Liquid Silicone Rubber is one of the most popular materials. It is the platinum-cured elastomer. The LSR is injected into the mold cavity to manufacture various parts. The liquid silicone rubber is varied in the elastomer industry. The liquid silicone rubber parts are used...
Nov 05 , 2018 | Industry News
CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO Exhibition Time:NOVEMBER 5-10, 2018 Exhibition location:National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) NECC (Shanghai) covers a total area of 500,000 m², including 400,000 m² indoor exhibition hall and 100,000 m²...
Eight advantages of LSR liquid silicone products relative to solid silicone products
Aug 18 , 2018 | Industry News
1: Absolute food grade, safe and sanitary - based on this liquid silicone is widely used in the medical products industry, maternal and child products industry, kitchen supplies, medical beauty, such as breast filling, stents, etc.; these industries have strict food grade,...
Top 10 Seals and Gaskets Suppliers
Aug 13 , 2018 | Industry News
Gaskets can be manufactured in a multitude of materials and dimensions, which can then be produced using a variety of processes including die cutting, molded, and laser and water-jet cutting. O-rings are used primarily for sealing, but are also used for light duty, mechanical...
KBC 2018 - The 23rd Asia's Leading Kitchen & Bathroom Trade Show In Shanghai
Jun 01 , 2018 | Industry News
The 23rd edition of Kitchen & Bath China 2018(KBC)  will start on 5th.June, closed on 8th.June. Opening times are as follows: 5th – 7th June 2018 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 8th June 2018 – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm   Exhibition Location: Shanghai New...
Top 10 Custom Gasket Manufacturers
Feb 22 , 2018 | Industry News
Need to find a custom gasket manufacturer?Today,we will share the information of top 10 custom gasket manufacturer.Custom gaskets for new products and projects are easy to get with the good custom gasket manufacturers.     1.Custom Gasket Manufacturing...
2017 Rubber Industry Top News in China
Jan 17 , 2018 | Industry News
2017 is the winter of rubber products industry, the prices of rubber chemicals, carbon black for rubber gasket have risen sharply, and the sources of supply have been hard to get. As a result, the stable supply of raw materials has become the top priority for rubber products...
All about the OLO 3D printer
Sep 11 , 2017 | Industry News
It seems nearly every day there’s a new 3D printer of some sort on the market, promising innovations in material, speed or size. The new OLO seems to do it all – small, light, easy to use and incredibly cheap. Is this the printer that finally brings digital...
What do high-quality liquid silicone baby products need to meet?
Aug 07 , 2020 | Industry News
No matter Newborn Pacifier, baby dummy,fruit pacifier, Teether & Pacifier Clip or silicone baby bottle All liquid silicone rubber baby parts should meet: 100% food grade silicone   100% Non-toxic Free of BPA,  DEHP free/phthalate testing,...
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