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Melon, as one professional rubber seal gasket manufacturer, offers a wide variety of kitchen&bathroom&bathtub accessories, including screw washer for toilet water tank, toilet seat fixing, and pipe connecting rubber parts, rubber seal membranes, rubber fixed nail, anti-siphone toilet washer, toliet gasket, toilet grommet, foam toilet washer, leak proof toilet washer, fixing ring, ceiling split flange,floor drain cover,floor drain cover, split flange and ect.


Representative properties of toilet rubber seal gasket:

1. Compression set could be controlled less than 15%

2. Volume swelling ratio in Chlorine and Chloramine is less than 4%

3. Low water absorption rate

4. Closed cell foam rubber.

5. Main available Rubber Types: NR, NBR, EPDM, SIR, CR, SBR, IIR, HNBR, FKM, PU

EPDM NBR Viton HNBR Ring Flange Sealing Flange Connector Gasket
1.material:made in high grade silicone rubber material,environmental safe material,non-toxic.'s innocuous and safe,widely used in the instruments...
Toilet washer injection rubber mould for sanitary fittings
If without rubber gasket seal, what would our life be like? the faucet would turn into a fountain, and the car wouldn't be able to run...Thus, rubber is...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Sanitary Manufacturer Rubber Flange Sealing&Gasket
1.Highly transparency 2.High strength 3.ROHS and FDA test passed 4. higher temperature resistant 5. Highly precision
Price:from $0.75
Rubber Gasket For Flush Valve Spud Seal Sponge Gasket
Application: 1.Tank to Bowl Spud Gasket 2.Durable rubber gasket seal, which is easy to install 3.fix common leaky toilet problem  
Rohs Confirmed Rubber Foam Gasket Seal for Leaky Toilet
​​​​​1. Moulded rubber sponge gasket seal with high precision and smooth surface 2. Lower water absorption rate, closed cell foam rubber...
Direct Factory Heavy Duty Neoprene Bathtub Rubber Gasket, Custom Cover Rubber Gasket, Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Rubber Gasket
1. Used in faucets, toilets fittings, pipes, showers and other industry accessories, and auto parts 2. Material: silicone, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, SBR, NR, SILICONE...
22MM Wire Mesh Rubber Gasket Supplier, Rubber Shower Head Gasket Manufacturer, Coupling Filter Rubber Washer from China
1. Rubber Material: high-quality Nitrile rubber material(hardness: 60±5SH); 2. Mesh Filter Material: stainless steel wire mesh (Specification: 40...
129.77*3.53 mm Rubber Sealing Washer Toilet Washer,Custom Rubber&Metal Seal Ring Supplier, O-ring Wholesale Manufacturer, Factory Price, Rohs&Reach Conform
1. Wirquin approved rubber&mould accessories vendor.             2. The rubber formula is developed independently, and...
Wholesale Supplier Silicone Promotional Breathable Car Sofa Seat Cushion for Comfort & Pain Relief
1. Ventilated breathe freely silicone seat cover 2. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, hip yoga all time 3. 3 D pillar design to prevent...
Silicone Touch Sensor LED Lamps
Fascinating and Colorful Silicone Pendant Lamp  ---Color Language,light up life 1. Application: suitable for bar or living room or corridor or club...
Toilet Filling Valve Replacement Silicone Washer
*Elastic silicone rubber washer is suitable for toilet *Thickened wear-resistant silicone material can be used for 20 years under normal conditions. *High...
Toilet Silicone Valve Seal Replacement Diaphragm Washer For Wirquin Flush Valve
*Elastic silicone seal washer is suitable for flush toilet tank with flush valve. *Thickened wear-resistant silicone material can be used for 20 years...
Price:US $0.25-$0.35
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