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Toilet washer injection rubber mould for sanitary fittings

Toilet washer injection rubber mould for sanitary fittings


If without rubber gasket seal, what would our life be like?

the faucet would turn into a fountain, and the car wouldn't be able to run...Thus, rubber is indispensable in our life.

Melon, as toilet washer manufacturer, mainly produce qualify urbber parts for sanitaryware, from silicone gasket, rubber sealing washer, rubber grommet, rubber screw gasket, pipe connection gasket to foam toilet rubber washer, which are of high precision and smooth finish.

Main available Rubber Types:


OEM and ODM rubber parts  order are accepted, as Homedepot, wirquirn, Kohler rubber parts supplier, our customer quality rating is over 99.9%,  FREE Sample is valid for quality testing.

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Rubber sealing washer plays a very important role in static sealing, especially in bathroom sanitary environment.

Good quality rubber sealing washer protect you away from the leakage of the house.

Below is simple information about fill & flushing valve seal gasket 

Injection rubber mould for sanitary fittings

How to install rubber seal gasket to fill or flushing valve of water cistern?

also when there is something wrong, how to repair? below is simple steps for reference:

rubber seal gasket

rubber seal gasket

How to produce? and what is advantage to guarantee good quality?

1. Strong R&D mould Developing Capability-more than 10 years actual rubber & plastic moulds processing experience

because of project responsibility system and performance evaluation, all customer projects have a dedicated engineering team responsible since mold design,

formula research and development, rubber parts trial production until to the later stable production.

firstly to make DFM analysis of rubber sealing gasket according to received drawing or sample,

in order to better know how to make right rubber mould design, like rubber mould cavities, mould layout& shrinkage etc.

when the mold design is completed, which will be sent to customer engineering confirmation for double confirmation to avoid  potential risks.

2.Professional production capacity with strict quality control

from raw materian inspection,manufacturing process, pre-shipment inspection,

every step is strictly in accordance with international rubber fittings industry standards

DIN ISO 3302-1/ASTMD624

3.Packing details-although rubber sealing gasket or ring, which is with low price.

but we do not relex any of quality details-professional package is also important for cargo.

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