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Toilet Filling Valve Replacement Silicone Washer

Toilet Filling Valve Replacement Silicone Washer


*Elastic silicone rubber washer is suitable for toilet
*Thickened wear-resistant silicone material can be used for 20 years under normal conditions.
*High quality fill valve toilet replacement washer for the fill valve during static operation.
*Prevent water from leaking from the fill valve into the toilet.
*Toilet filling valve replacement washer suitable for sealing fill valve according to its outer diameter and inner diameter.

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Toilet Filling Valve Replacement Silicone Washer

Features: silicone material, soft and elastic, not easy to aging deformation, strong sealing performance; fill valve toilet replacement .   
*3000 sizes and colors, suitable for a variety of toilet tank brands  
*Support OEM & custom design

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