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How to Find a Reliable Silicone Beads Manufacturer?
Apr 20,2021 | Other News



Why Choose silicone beads manufacturer in China?

Finding the Chinese manufacturer for your product is the right decision in 2021. Keep in mind that you are choosing the right Chinese silicone beads manufacturer. When you are thinking about your dream product, then the Chinese manufacturer must be active and supportive. It must be a perfect and robust organization in delivering the right kind you want.


It is a challenging task to find a reliable silicone beads manufacturer in China. The reason is that if the wrong product is made, then your customer will blame you, not the manufacturers. So look for a renowned factory that can produce the best quality products at cheap rates.


Furthermore, we are helping many people to make the right decision while importing from China. This guide will assist you a lot when importing from China. So we will cover all the factors you need to find the right Chinese manufacturer.


The main advantage of manufacturing products in China is the availability of low-cost labor. According to statistics, a person can reduce costs by 30 to 80%, depending on the labor intensity of production.


  • Low Raw Material Costs


China gives you cost-effective options when you want to manufacture in different industries. China gives you easy access to low-cost raw materials. So the Chinese silicone beads manufacturers will receive low price raw materials to a considerable extent.


  • Access to cutting edge technology


In the past few years, China has developed itself in technology that everyone knows its market value. Due to this development in technology, the number of manufacturers in China has also increased.


The two things with the help of which China comes in the category of emerging countries are an investment in research and a lot of development.


  • More investments in infrastructure

The number of manufacturers has increased due to the easy access and movement of raw materials and their finished products. Also, China is working a lot in investment, mainly in developing transportation systems such as supply chain networks and roads.


Due to these types of development, the cost and time are reduced, and therefore people are more interested in manufacturers from China.


  • Higher education level


The average level of education of workers from other countries is lower than in China. Therefore, the Chinese workers who want to work in factories must have the required education level.


This education level is greater than that of India. Also, workers in China gain technical training. It helps them a lot in the future while doing their job.


  • Duplication Capabilities


There is no need to reinvent the wheel whatever you are manufacturing.


  • More output Quicker time and better service

The most impressive thing about manufacturers in China is that they are more flexible and supportive. They are also more active in quick and aggressive turnaround.

The silicone beads manufacturers are very cooperative with a great attitude. They usually reply to the messages and solve their problems quickly and efficiently.


2. How to distinguish between a manufacturer and a Chinese trader?


When you are looking for a Chinese silicone beads manufacturer, there is a high risk of looking for dishonest Chinese silicone bead suppliers. Sometimes, they give you inferior quality products, and sometimes they ditch you in other aspects.


So you must look for a reliable Chinese manufacturer whether you are searching for an online supplier directory or online B2B markets. When you are visiting trade shows for wholesale markets, many sellers are looking to manufacture a new product but with a low budget. At this time, finding a trusted supplier from China is just a blessing.


We will tell you about finding a reliable manufacturer, but before that, we will notify you how to correctly distinguish between a manufacturer and a trader. When we find a reliable manufacturer from China, we also ensure getting the raw materials at a low rate.


Consequently, many trading companies show the sellers that they are manufacturers, but this is not the case. So you must know who you are dealing with. I hope these tips will help you a lot in making the correct distinction.


Many factories produce particular types of products or focus on specific types of manufacturing processes. It is done to maintain the low cost of raw materials. Many companies show you a wide range of products, but they are the middleman than manufacturers.


Some trading companies are very much popular and attract different types of global buyers. On the other side, you can also find many factors which include their township in their company name.


You must also look for the company's business card so that you may get the factory address. If you find the company location on the 20th floor of an urban area or building in the address, then it may be a trading company.

If you find a separate office address mentioned, you might get their sales office in the City.


As we all know that the trading companies website usually uses English to catch foreign buyers. On the other side, if you find a smaller Chinese manufacturer, he may not even have a website.


If he has a website, it might be an essential website with insufficient Chinese and English translations. So in this way you can have a clear cut distinction between the manufacturers and the Trading Company.


If the company has any quality certificate such as UL, CE, and other certifications, it is more good to find the right manufacturers. On the certificate, you can see the factory listed as the owner.


3. How to find silicone beads manufacturers in China?


Before find silicone beads manufacturers in china, you'd better to create a product specification as below.

  • Size of the silicone beads
  • Products color
  • Product description
  • Requirements for labeling
  • Product regulations
  • Test Specifications
  • The particular material of the product
  • Packing
  • Labeling requirements and product regulations
  • product description
  • Test specifications
  • The specific material of the product.


Why is there a need to define your product specifications? 


It does not mean that you would not find a manufacturer in China without telling your product specification. However, the only difference is that it is difficult to find the right kind of manufacturer.


So giving product specifications will make things easier and better. Also, you will find the right manufacturer easily. Remember that you know all the related things about your products, such as product description, quality standards, materials, product variations, labeling requirements, and many other specifications.


If there is a difference in the product specifications, as mentioned earlier, then it can have a massive impact on the price.


How do you sort out your product specifications?


You can find your particular product specifications in many ways. Below are some of the standard methods commonly used in the industry.


First of all, check the competitor's products with the same price range as you have in your mind. Also,o consider the materials used for the products as well as the packaging designs.


You can read the online product reviews about the particular product. Also,o keep in mind the common product defects that the users face. So consider all these reviews while sorting out the product specifications.


You can also make healthy business relations with industry experts to get some tips for your product specifications. Also,o pay attention to the product regulations as well as requirements for labeling.


When you inquire about product specifications, you should consider mapping them out on a spec sheet.


Ways to find China silicone beads manufacturers: 


The first milestone has passed, which is finding the specifications of your product that you want to produce. Later in this article, you will get a tip on where to find qualified Chinese manufacturers.


Moreover, you will also get clues about the honest and potential Chinese manufacturers from different sources such as:


You are getting suggestions from your business contacts as well as offline and online networking groups.


A. Goolge


Google Search Engine will serve you a lot in getting enough information about any product and Chinese manufacturers. Most surprisingly, the products will be of high quality.


Because of cultural differences, you should use the correct keyword. Many Chinese silicone beads manufacturers are not experts in English marketing. This is the main reason Chinese manufacturers cannot use the common English keywords that Western entrepreneurs would use.


So one of the skills is using different kinds of keywords in different ways. So overall you should adopt the following methods.


①“silicone beads' + manufacturer + China


②“silicone beads' + wholesale + manufacturer + China


③“silicone beads' + factory + China


④“silicone beads' + factory + wholesale + China


Along with these keywords, you should also search and check the keywords' results on the first page of Google.


In Google search, many Google ads are included with the additional label. Google search also includes organic results.


a. In the organic search results, you can see some of the world's popular E-Commerce platforms, such as Alibaba and global sources. We all know very well Alibaba's popular E-commerce platforms have a strong site authority and massive traffic. Later on in this article, I will tell you how you can find the potential manufacturers by using them.


b. You can also search for many popular official websites as a part of the organic search results. We all know very well that Google is globally a viral platform whose primary purpose is to show you great content and websites. Also, the potential website having high traffic shown on the first page of Google.


Through description in Google organic search results, you can easily find the manufacturer of your choice. Moreover, you can also look for the page title of the website.


Furthermore, you have to look for some factors when visiting manufacturers' websites. 


These factors are service provided, focusing on their past work, and the most important related certifications. Manufacturers also allow you to contact them online through email or chat. All these efforts are made to check whether the company can produce your products or a reliable manufacturer.


c. Most surprisingly, you can also check Google ads results shown to visit their websites. Moreover, these websites are also shown on Google's first page quickly. So all you have to do is to confirm whether you are getting experienced and robust manufacturers. With the help of Semrush, you can also check the traffic of the website and their certification and past works.


B. Overseas E-Commerce platform


Overseas E-Commerce platforms are essential to finding Chinese manufacturers such as Made in China, China industry, Alibaba, etc.


If we talk about Alibaba and it is prevalent, unfortunately, there are so many manufacturers around. Some of the manufacturers are not real when you are looking for Chinese manufacturers online. So you have to pay attention to the following points before choosing the real and honest manufacturer.


Tip 1

Most of the silicone beads suppliers are very experienced, and their experience is determined by the many years in business. So whenever you search Alibaba, consider the supplier's expertise.


At least, the Chinese silicone beads manufacturer must have three years of experience whenever you look out for products. These products need a high level of knowledge to increase the sale and traffic on the website.


Tip 2

Checking for product specifications, product requirements, and compliance certificates is essential when looking for Chinese manufacturers. So in this way,y you will be able to match to the right suppliers.


Tip 3

After checking for product specifications, the verification of the Chinese silicone beads manufacturer is also necessary. Therefore, you can make a difference whether the business type you are looking for is a manufacturer or a Trading Company.


When you click on the company profile tab on Alibaba, you can see the business information section. This section will tell you whether the business type is a manufacturer or not. Unfortunately, sometimes this method may not be reliable because sometimes the supplier is fake.


But anyhow, you have to go through this method. Secondly, you should look for the kind of products which the factory sells. 


You must keep this thing in your notice whether the manufacturer will be able to sell all types of products or specialized. If the Chinese manufacturer is specialized, then it means that you are at the right place and you find a reliable and honest Chinese manufacturer.


Tip 4

Factory location plays a vital role in getting the right kind of Chinese manufacturer. Also, the factory location will help you to avoid a side Hustle. You will therefore disturb when you buy the product from a distant place.


Tip 5

To get more customers on your website, you must reverse the image search feature on Alibaba.


Tip 6

Looking out for the transaction level and properties is that tip 6 of getting the right manufacturer.



C. International Trade Fair

There is a trade show in China in which you can also find the manufacturer. First of all, you have to participate in American trade that attracts Chinese manufacturers. Moreover, you can get the list of Global trade shows.


So you will look for aggregators who sell products similar to yours and contact you. If we talk about the exhibition, keep in mind that the Canton fair is considered the Chinese largest foreign trade exhibition. 


This import and export commodity fair takes place twice a year. It covers almost every industry that makes physical products. This is China's largest fair, which runs in 3 stages.


Phase 1

In Phase 1, the trade exhibition is about machinery, building materials, electronics, and chemical products.


Phase 2

Phase 2 comprises home decoration gifts and consumer goods.


Phase 3

In Phase 3, the remaining types are included, such as medical equipment, health products, shoes, office supplies, textiles, and other products.


In this exhibition, you can go for free, but some items need to be paid for when you enter.


Keep in mind that some sales representatives can only speak simple business English. The manufacturers can also hire some people for the expo, but sometimes they may not work for the company. Therefore the two things which you know are the product details and MOQ.


On the other side, if the Chinese manufacturer is not good at English, you can also hire an interpreter at this Global exhibition. You can get the interpreter for $60-$75 or 400-500 yuan per day. Keep in mind that if you are looking for minority languages, then the service fees are high.


These Chinese silicone beads suppliers have samples with them so that you can personally view and touch the products. Through viewing and touching, you can easily judge its quality.


Usually, some people go with low prices, but it is not so excellent when it is a question of quality. However, you can see the highest quality if you pay a higher price than the advertised price.


When you talk to the silicone beads supplier, you have to give your business card after the exhibition to contact you. However, some Amazon sellers do not want to provide business cards to everyone on the other side. They have some doubts about exposing their details to other sellers.


So you can find many people who distribute fake cards as a courtesy. But they give the real information and business cards to the suppliers in which they are interested.


Keep in mind that the Canton fair is on a larger scale. Instead,d if you want to save your time and effort, you can visit the fair trade website. However, you can find the list of exhibitors and their booths in advance on the website. 


On the other side, Canton fair also has some shortcomings. You can also call it the common shortcomings of all exhibitions. One of the weaknesses is that every year the common suppliers participate.


So you will not see innovation in the exhibition every year. You must also make your mind that you will not see the designs or features' innovations next year. 

People in this exhibition are just looking for distributor, not OEMs or private label manufacturers


How to narrow down choices of silicone beads manufacturers?


You can narrow down your choices when choosing some intentional silicone beads manufacturers. I usually source for suppliers for the range of 10 to 15 to not face any complexity.


After looking for all of these done 215 suppliers, I usually reduce the list to the best 3 to 5 suppliers based on the factory location compliance ability, quality, and price. Below are some of the steps to narrow the scope more accurately.


a. You must look for those manufacturers to give you products similar to yours. So you have to search for that manufacturer that specializes in producing these types of products and not a manufacturer who uses it as a sideline.


Moreover, you can also find some small Chinese silicone beads manufacturers who claimed to provide manufacturing methods for almost all products but unfortunately, the quality is not up to the mark. So be aware of these types of Chinese manufacturers.


b. Ratings and comments

On the Internet,t you can also check the online ratings and reviews. So why not see what others think and set about the manufacturers.


c. Most of these products are exported to manufacturers in western countries or the USA. If you find the x reliable Chinese manufacturers, then they do not compromise on quality standards. They have high-quality standards and explain that they can meet the Expectations of Western importers.


So the honest and reliable Chinese silicone beads manufacturers do not comply with labeling packaging regulations and product safety. These types of Chinese manufacturers have a lot of experience in international transportation product Logistics.


d. A good Chinese silicone beads manufacturer comes with a renowned integrity full stop. These types of Chinese manufacturers are also popular and are willing to give you all the details about their business. So they will provide you with a quality control system, documents business licenses, and any related certifications.


e. After that, you must make a list of 3to 5 possible Chinese manufacturers who are good and reliable. Also, you must sign a confidentiality agreement before started working with them. This confidentiality agreement is a must for Overseas manufacturers.


How to Verify the Chinese silicone bead supplier?


For verifying the Chinese silicone beads supplier, you must keep in mind the necessary questions. Let's have a look at these questions which you have to consider.


Question #1

Isae particular factory able to match your product needs? Are they able to produce the ideal product which you want? Are these suppliers experienced in the product category and have enough level of expertise?


Question #2

Is it a silicone beads manufacturer or a Trading Company?


Question #3

Where is the location of the factory? Does the location have any impact on your product price? So you should visit this location to learn more about China's geography. Moreover, you must enquire about how your factory location affects your Sourcing decisions.


Question #4

Is the manufacturer a cooperative person and has an effective communication system? Can we get in touch with them again and again?


Question #5

Is the Chinese silicone beads manufacturer able to get your big volume orders, or are they too small? So you must consider your quantity of the products while choosing a manufacturer.


Question #6 

Does the form give you genuine certifications regarding your product? If you want to get the US product regulations to visit here. To get more information on EU product regulations, visit here. At this time, you must have the guts to distinguish between real manufacturers and fake manufacturers' certifications.


Question #7

What are the target selling points of manufacturers?


Question #8

Do the silicone beads manufacturers have an export license?


Question #9 

Are the manufacturers taking an interest in your business?


Question #10

Is there pricing open to discussion?


How to obtain a request for quotation?


After paying attention to the above steps, you must contact that silicone beads manufacturer who strongly intends to corporate. The next step is obtaining a request for quotation (RFQ).


For RFQ, you can send the image of the prototype. Along with it, you must provide detailed information about your product, such as the material you want to use, and it decides the product and other information needed to make the desired product. In your RFQ, you can find:


  • Minimum order quantity

You must go for minimum order quantity because if more units of the product you are ordering, the less each product will cost. Keep in mind that every factory comes with a minimum order quantity.


For the product quantity,y you must keep the balance between not spending too much on it. But keep in mind that you should not seek such a small amount you have to use in a second-grade factory.


  • Prices for samples

You must also get a sample of your product made. Getting the product sample will help you a lot in inquiring about its quality. So before going to the Chinese manufacturer, you must take a sample of your product to check its quality.


You can find many Chinese manufacturers who offer free samples. However, on the other side,e you can also get the samples at discounted rates to the normal price of manufacturing the item.


  • Prices for production

Prices for production are very much important as they will help you a lot in the long run. You must find out the price change that depends on the order volume.


Moreover, you can also ask for a breakdown of the cost to the Chinese silicone beads manufacturer. This breakdown of cost can be the cost for the item, shipping, tariff cost, or anything else.


  • Time to manufacture

Asking about the time taken to make your order is very necessary. Asking for this thing will help you in making and breaking your choice of suppliers. The reason is that everyone is busy and will not wait too long to get the products.


  • Payment terms

You must ask the Chinese silicone beads manufacturers about the payment terms. For this purpose, you must inquire about when and how he is expected to be paid. Keep in mind that you have to pay the entire payment for your first order as a new customer. If you become a regular customer, then make sure that you ask for future payment terms.


You must ensure proper communication, and it can be possible by following the below steps. Keep in mind that communication must be efficient and simple.

Consequently, you must show your good sense of politeness and professionalism through your email. If you use simple language, then you will therefore be a long-term customer.


  1. You must not use any type of unclear language when sending emails to your suppliers.
  2. In your email, you must attach your product specification sheet to your RPQ.
  3. With the product specification sheet, the email should also contain clear details about product specifications.


How to do the background research of silicone beads manufacturer?


To get the best high-quality products, you must visit at least three factories. Visiting three factories will help in finding the right supplier. However, it is a hard-working process, but it comes with tons of benefits.


Can you visit the three suppliers? You can easily evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as well as the quality of the raw materials. Moreover, you will also know about the factory equipment, factory workers, attitude to work, and many other things.


If you are seriously considering any company, you must also do background checks along with site visits to manufacturers.


1. You must also do the verification from a background check company specializing in international business such as China check-up or GLOBIS.


2. You can also ask about the recommendation letter from the manufacturer's Bank.


3. You can also verify the manufacturers by contacting the existing customer along with references.


4. Following all these tips described above, you can easily reduce the risk of different problems. Also, these things will increase the chance of establishing a long-term happy relationship with Chinese manufacturers.



Although it is difficult to find Chinese manufacturers, you will be successful in your aim by reading this article and getting healthy tips. All the above things and tips are the whole process of teaching you how to find a trustworthy, honest, and reliable Chinese manufacturer. I hope you will get healthy information from this article and help you a lot in the long run.

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