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Application of ​​​​​​​Natural Rubber (Natural Rubber Uses)
Jan 03,2021 | Other News

If you want to know more about natural rubber, this article is for you. It includes the definition, characteristics and application of natural rubber.


What is Natural Rubber?


Natural rubber, is produced from raw rubber or latex which is obtained from rubber trees. Raw rubber or latex is a sticky, milky fluid obtained by making incisions on the bark of a rubber tree. The latex is then purified to make rubber ready for commercial applications.


The global Natural Rubber Market size was valued at USD 28.65 billion in 2019 to reach USD 33.87 Billion by 2027, according to a new report,delivering a CAGR of 2.1% through 2027 The growth of the market is attributed to the growing demand for natural rubber from end-use applications.


The following table shows the development trend of natural rubber and silicone rubber


Natural Rubber Properties

1. Natural rubber has excellent elasticity

The elasticity of raw rubber and vulcanizate with low crosslinking density is very high. For example, in the range of 0-100℃, the elastic modulus is only 1 / 3000 of that of steel, and the elongation can reach 1000%. Natural rubber has higher elasticity and is second only to CIS butadiene rubber in general rubber.

2. Natural rubber has excellent strength

Natural rubber also resists cutting, tearing, wear, fatigue and wear, and works in the range of - 58 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it has a high tensile strength and is easy to adhere to other materials. Compared with other rubbers, natural rubber is one of the softest rubbers, and it can resist water and certain chemicals.


3. Natural rubber has excellent electrical insulation properties

Natural rubber is a kind of nonpolar material and a good insulating material. When natural rubber, such as sulfur, is introduced, its insulation performance will be reduced.

4. Natural rubber has excellent adhesion

Natural rubber has also been found to be stable in the surrounding soil due to the use of natural rubber materials. Even raw rubber is sometimes used as an adhesive and part of the sole. Natural rubber can also be used to bond metal, rubber and plastic, which can improve the sealing of metal in use.


Natural Rubber Applications


Rubber O Ring and Gaskets: Gaskets are used in between two or more mechanical parts, usually to prevent leakage or to fill any sort of irregular space between them. Gaskets are an important part to the performance of any type of machinery.

Rubber Sleeve and Ducting : the protective sleeve made of natural rubber has strong wear resistance, oil resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and other characteristics.Rubber also can be turned into a variety of ducting products.


Rubber Seal Diaphragmlong life and strong abrasion resistance,aging resistance, flame resistance,weatherability,etc.Suitable for replacing gas regulator, solenoid valve, control valve, dust collector, brine filter valve, angle valve, etc.


Rubber Nozzles: What better way to spray rubber latex than through a nozzle that is also made of rubber? Creating nozzles with rubber allows for them to spray more substances and are more durable than other spray nozzles.For example, most of the nozzles on the shower are made of rubber, with long service life and wear resistance.

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