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Silicone Baby Pacifier Simulation Breast Soft Nipple

Silicone Baby Pacifier Simulation Breast Soft Nipple


Safety material - the material is 100% liquid silicone without BPA and PVC.

Super soft nipple - the hardness of the nipple is customized for the baby, bringing comfort to the baby and promoting oral development.

Pacify baby - baby gets satisfaction by sucking pacifier to relieve crying. Whether the baby is at night or in the car, can sleep safely, is a must for novice mothers.

Perfect design - the radian of the pacifier fits the baby's face,and pacifier has air holes around them to provide plenty of breathing space for your baby's skin.

One piece structure - can be used safely for baby to prevent baby from swallowing.

Easy to clean-silicone material can withstand high temperature and can be put into dishwasher for disinfection.

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1.Food grade liquid silicone, safe, soft and comfortable.

2.Close to the color, softness and shape of breast milk, bring the baby the satisfaction of breast milk.

3. "Day + night" pacifier

During the day: use round nipple, close to the shape of the nipple, the baby is more comfortable.

Night: use flat head pacifier, keep mouth closed, help baby nose breathing.


Q:Can I customize our own baby teether?
A:Yes, of course. It can be customized according to the drawings you provide or sample or draft drawing.

Q:Can I customize our own logo?
A:of course. It can be customized according to the drawings you provide.

Q:What is your delivery time?
A:For inventory, we usually ship within 3 days after full payment, and 30-45 days for custom orders.

Q:Do you provide samples?
A:Yes, we usually provide samples free of charge. For some customized products, we need to charge the
sample fee, but this will be returned after the formal order.

Q:Is there any discount for bulk order
A:Yes, you can send email. Tell us to get the demand and we will design a better solution for you.
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