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Custom Feeder Pacifier Food Grade Fruit Feeder for Babies

Custom Feeder Pacifier Food Grade Fruit Feeder for Babies


1. Select high quility silicone materials, non-toxic, soft, heat-resistant and tear resistant.
2. Sealing ring design, baby can feel free chew and avoid leakage
3. Round and non slip handle, easy to grasp by baby
4. Removable,easy to clean, can be boiled at high temperature

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During teething period, the baby will not distinguish where to bite and where not to bite. Mellon full silica gel fruit gutta percha can make the baby enjoy the fun of chewing.

1. Food grade safety liquid silicone fresh fruit feeder, BPA Free, soft and does not damage the baby's gums

2. No buckle design to avoid parts falling off and baby eating by mistake.

3. 2mm opening size, not easy to block fruits and vegetables, avoid fruit directly into the baby's throat

4. Feeder Pacifier has different sizes adapt to the gnawing needs of babies of different ages

5. Each baby fresh food feeder with transparent dust cover, both fresh and sanitary

6. Baby food feeder adopts split design, easy disassembly, easy cleaning, can dishwasher disinfection

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