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O-Ring Rubber Seals


Melon, as a rubber o ring manufacturer, could provide standard o-ring, nonstandard (customs o-ring, o-ring seal and  rubber seal gasket according to standard AS 568A, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B 2401, Metric, Swedish SMS 1586, ISO2768-M or ISO3302-1:2014 CLASS M2. 


O-Ring Rubber Seals Properties


An O-ring is a sealing element of the circular or toroidal section and has symmetric geometry. O-rings are the most widely used type of rubber seal gasket. O-ring Rubber Seals are simple in its conception but with an impressive capacity for use in complex applications, give it exceptional versatility. They act by evenly distributing the pressure to which they are subjected, thus obtaining a perfect rubber seal.


The wide catalog of o-rings in standard sizes, its low economic cost, its lightness, the wide range of materials for its manufacture and its ease of assembly are some of the reasons why the O-ring is the number one in sealing elements for fluids, both liquids, and gases.

❤ NBR O-ring: excellent oil resistance, temperature range -30°C~+100°C

❤ EPDM O-ring: aging resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance range -15 ° C ~ 150 ° C

❤ Silicone (VMQ) O-ring: Food grade, temperature range -50 ° C ~ 250 ° C

❤ Viton FFKM O-ring: Corrosion resistant, temperature range -40°C~260°C

❤ PU O-ring: oil resistant, wear resistant, temperature resistant range -35 ° C ~ 120 ° C

❤PTFE O-ring: corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, temperature range -200°C~+200°C

❤Shape shape & specifications can be produced according to customer requirements

❤Quality: After strict quality control, one year warranty

❤MOQ: 10000pcs

❤Product price: 0.0075USD~1.5USD/pcs



BS1516 AS568B DIN 715 NBR EPDM FFKM Viton Rubber Silicone Seal O-Rings
MOQ: 5000pcs, no burrs, no flesh, smooth, excellent quality Quotation: could be finished in 24 hours Lead time:7-10days. Hardness:20-90 shore...
Wholesale supplier Rubber Silicone Viton Injection Moulding O Ring and O-ring Sealing Solutions
1.Raw-Material Brand: DuPont (US) / Dow Corning (Germany) / Bayer (Germany)  2.Mould List:own mould department 3.Hardness: From 20Shore...
Flat O Ring Washer For Bathroom Toilet Washer
Melon,as a o ring supplier,could provide standard o-ring,nonstandard o-ring, o-ring seal , toliet washer and  rubber seal according to standard AS568,...
40.64 * 5.33 mm custom o-ring manufacturer, colored rubber o-rings supplier
Material: Nitrile Rubber (Buna-N/NBR) green color Hardness: 70±5SH o-ring Size:40.64 * 5.33 mm MOQ: 5000pcs Delivery time:...
Wholesale rubber parts O-ring to Rubber Bonding, Rubber Sealing&Gaskets Manufacturer From China
Material: NBR, NR, EPDM, Viton, FVMQ, HNBR, LSR, CR, Silicon, PU, SBR, IIR  Hardness: 20-90 Shore A Rubber parts: including o-ring, rubber...
2inch silicone molding FDA Food Grade Jar Lid seal suplier, silicone rubber molding ceramic seal gasket manufacture
Type: Bottles&Jar Seal Gasket*Cap Lid Cover Size: S/M or custom size Material: slicone molding, liquid silicone molding Feature: Eco friendly, LFGB...
500.00*5.00 Large Size O-ring Wholesale Supplier,  NBR O-ring Molding Manufacturer
Heat resistance: Excellent Cold resistance: Excellent Ozone resistance: Excellent Weather resistance: Excellent We manufacture custom rubber gaskets and...
120.362*3.53mm large diameter o-rings wholesale manufacturer, vulcanized O-ring supplier
1. precision large diameter O-rings wholesale manufacturer with over than 1000 different sizes 2. o-ring material could be NBR.SIR, EPDM. VIton, SBR,...
30-80 Durometer colored elastic large diameter o-rings,o-ring for excavator made in China
Material: Nitrile rubber (NBR)/Viton/Silicone Large O-ring hardness: from 30 Shore to 80Shore Durometer Properties: O-ring with good elastic and...
Price:US $0.1-10 / Pieces
FFKM&Viton fluorine rubber O-ring, Valve Pumps and Bearing O-ring,High temperature and corrosion resistant wear-resistant standard or non-standard o-ring, 5x1.5mm Sealing ORing
Melon Rubber & Plastic is one leading professional FFKM Viton O-ring Factory and Wholesale Supplier, supplying a wide range of High temperature and...
18 Sizes 180-270Pcs Black Brown Rubber O-Ring Seal Kit
✔O-ring Kit Material: HNBR/NBR/EPDM/Silicone/NR/SBR/Viton etc ✔Color: black red purple ✔Seal O-ring Feature: With good watertightness, you can use...
Price:from $2.83
Rohs conform EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Seal Gasket 2"3"4"inch Wholesale Supplier
✔1. Foam Sponge rubber seal:excellent resisting aging from UV/ Oil/fluels/water/ozone/indirect sunlight ✔2. Feature: hight effective sealing...
Price:from $0.5
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