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Custom Leak Proof Rubber Stoppers,Rubber Bung Plug,Silicone Rubber Stopper

Custom Leak Proof Rubber Stoppers,Rubber Bung Plug,Silicone Rubber Stopper

Price:US $0.08-$0.15

*Made of excellent materials, durable, anti-collision and wear-resistant.
*Professional waterproof seal, no deformation, good aging resistance.
*High temperature resistance, good heat resistance, safe and reliable.
*Complete specifications, can be customized on demand.

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Custom Leak Proof Rubber Stoppers,Rubber Bung Plug,Silicone Rubber Stopper

Rubber Stopper Function

Rubber Stopper is full of elasticity, excellent toughness, strong and durable, good insulation and sealing, and can be reused. It can withstand high temperature 180 ℃ and low temperature 30 ℃; it has good acid-base resistance (it will not swell in acidic copper plating bath), oil resistance and aging resistance.

What are rubber stoppers used for?
Rubber stoppers used to plug the joint or hole of the container, and can prevent the liquid in the container from leaking and prevent the air from entering the container. Rubber stoppers are mostly used for sealing test tubes, containers and bottles. Commonly used in laboratory or drug storage. The rubber stopper will choose different rubber materials according to the properties of the liquid in the container to prevent the rubber stopper from reacting with the liquid.

Mainly Rubber Stopper Materials:
Natural Rubber Stoppers
EPDM Rubber Stoppers
Neoprene Rubber Stoppers
Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Stoppers
Viton Stoppers
Butyl Rubber Stoppes
Silicone Rubber Stoppers
Urethane Stoppers

Melon wholesale rubber stoppers types include: rubber stopper with hole,rubber bumper stoppers,rubber wheel stoppers,rubber bottle stoppers,tapered rubber plugs,rubber stoppers for chair legs,laboratory rubber stoppers,solid rubber stoppers,threaded rubber stoppers etc.

Melon Rubber, as one OEM professional rubber&plastic molded components  manufacturer with services ranging from design support, material selection, prototyping, volume production for customers in the medical/healthcare, sanitary, and industrial markets.

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