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Melon Rubber has continually innovated and responded to the changing needs of our customers, introducing unique new products, advancing O-ring and seal material science, and developing expert engineering services. Today we are a leading designer and manufacturer of seals and sealing devices serving the needs of countless industries around the world, from automotive and aerospace to pharmaceutical and medical devices. We offer the seal industry's broadest range of products with an unparalleled range of services and capabilities to meet your requirements.
liquid Silicone Rubber Flush Valve Seal Gasket Toilet Washer-Bathroom Cistern Fittings
1.Appearance: smooth surface, no obvious flash, gap, cracks, piles, blisters, dents, and other surface defects 2. Material: Liquid silicone rubber 3....
Price:from $0.13
Flat O Ring Washer For Bathroom Toilet Washer
Melon,as a o ring supplier,could provide standard o-ring,nonstandard o-ring, o-ring seal , toliet washer and  rubber seal according to standard AS568,...
Manufacturer Mold Maker Wire seal - Tool cost
Compression Tooling Material: P20  Lead time: 7 days for prototype tooling & samples, 14 days for rubber part production mold Mould...
Custom Manufacturing Injection Molding ABS/PE/PVA/PS/PA Plastic Components
*Mass production *Low waste *Complex parts *Low cost (in the long run)
Price:US $0.25-$0.45
Wholesale Silicone Baby Mesh Feeder Baby Fresh Food Feeder
1. Food grade safety liquid silicone fresh food feeder, BPA Free, soft and does not damage the baby's gums 2. No buckle design to avoid parts falling off...
Toggle Switch with Silicone Rubber Boot
*Weatherproof rubber covers protect all toggle switches from moisture and dust. *The utility model can be reused and can be used for fixing various small...
Price:US $0.23-$0.35
High Quality Rubber Bumper Pads,Rubber Bumper Feet
*Made from Non Marking High Quality Thermal Plastic Rubber,such as EPDM,NBR,CR,NR,Neoprene,Silicone,etc. *Screw Ready Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers...
Price:US $0.12-$0.35
Food Grade Replacement Pressure Cooker Gasket & Sealing Ring
*Made of safety food grade silicone; *High transparency, no impurities, no odor; *Good elasticity, no distortion; High temperature and corrosion...
High Temperature Resistance FDA Pressure Cooker Gasket
*Made of safety food grade silicone; *High transparency, no impurities, no odor; *Good elasticity, no distortion; High temperature and corrosion...
BPA Free Silicone Baby Feeding Suction Bowls
*Baby suction bowl all are made of soft silicone,durable, safe, no odor, no BPA, baby eat more at ease *Silicone baby bowl integrated vacuum suction cup...
Price:US $0.82-$1.5
Food Grade Baby Feeding Silicone Baby Plate divide plate grade silicone material,silicone baby plate 3.high and low temperature resistance, can be assured of freezing...
Price:US $1.8-$2.5
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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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