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rubber sealing mould for door and window rubber seal strip

rubber sealing mould for door and window rubber seal strip


The window sealing strip is an indispensable accessory in the steel doors and Windows of the plastic steel doors and Windows, the production and installation of wooden doors.

1. Rubber buffer plays a role to prevent the doors and Windows from breaking.

2. Rubber sealing washers fill the gap between the gaps and play the effect of isolation and sound insulation.

3. Window and door rubber buffer provide us overall beauty and coordination.


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Window sealing strip can be divided three categories according to the use, like glass sealing strip (strip), door leaf and door cover seal wool.  sealing strip is used for glass and glass box, door cover sealing strip is mainly used for doors and door frame, door cover seal is mainly used for sealing between frame and door between the galley.

it will be bad without window rubber sealing washers as below image shown

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