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How to make professional overmolding breathing mask?
Jun 26 , 2020 | Company News
How to design a professional breathing overmolding mask?using advantages of two materials,silicone for comfort and softness and transparent of plastic. the key point is to find one professional overmolding injection manufacturer, Melon is one, welcome your Email or...
Inquiries of Rubber Moulded Parts from Clients
Mar 12 , 2020 | Company News
Recently, we got some inquiries of rubber moulded parts from worldwide clients, below is the detals:   1. Product: high-quality silicone rubber grommets for most industrial applications  Inquiry: Looking for a mounting hole grommet: A=3/8, B=1/4, C=3/16, D=1/4,...
What Makes Rubber O Ring Seals Ideal to Use?
Feb 13 , 2020 | Industry News
Rubber o ring seals are the most common fluid power seals that include a donut-shaped ring or toroid that comes with a circular cross section to taken into use in different machinery types, tools and devices or in engines. These high-grade and durable rubber O-Ring seals are...
Different types of gaskets and seals
Jan 08 , 2020 | Industry News
When you make a search related to the rubber gasket, you can start finding out a lot of different types of gaskets and seals are available:  * Cooling system seals that are suitable for the fixing and sealing that matches the components and pipe that joint to inhibit the...
Quotes of Silicone Rubber Umbrella/Duckbill Valve
Dec 19 , 2019 | Company News
Melon is a recognized leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality mold design, OEM mold making, product design and various rubber plastic products development, which is used in industries that span automotive, defense, sporting goods, medical devices. Our company’s...
Inquiries of rubber gasket and seals from worldwide
Dec 13 , 2019 | Company News
  Recently, we got some inquiries of rubber gasket and seals from worldwide clients, below is the detals: 1. Country: United States Inquiry: Dear Sir/Madam, we are interested in your line of products. silicone gasket foam rubber gasket flush valve rubber. Can you...
"You can’t have your cake, and eat it" or kill two birds with one
Dec 12 , 2019 | Company News
Do You agree "You can’t have your cake, and eat it" or you want both? The Answer is yes. like below 2020 new Key pad, colorful out looking and getting plastic strength and silk skin soft silicone touch feeling ( silicone overmolding...
Required steps to design custom rubber seals
Dec 05 , 2019 | Industry News
For designing the custom rubber seals, it required for you to follow the three different steps as follows.: * First there is a need for you to understand the needs for the molded rubber gaskets.  *  It is used for determining out the proper level of compressive...
ISO 13485 Certified Dusty Free Liquid Silicone/Plastic Processing Workshop
Nov 18 , 2019 | Company News
Can't wait to share with you Melon' clean room has passed ISO13485 certification which can produce medical, food grade plastic, silicone products, including overmolding below is new finished breathing mask metal, plastic, silicone overmolding together,...
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