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Bluetooth Electronic Cigarette/bluetooth Vaporizer/A New Revolution in the Electronic Cigarette Industry
Aug 13 , 2019 | Industry News
JUUL just launched its first Bluetooth e-cigarette that tracks how much you vape, our Bluetooth model will be released in 2 months. Bluetooth vaporizer, BlueTooth e-cigarette, On the one hand, this technological innovation can better collect user experience and user...
disposable pads or tampons or menstrual cup?
Aug 13 , 2019 | Other News
what is the most convenient, ecological and economical way to live with periods? 500 disposable pads and tampons can be swapped out for one menstrual cup and seven pairs of Modibodi undies. And they will last you a goddamn lifetime "Approximately 20 billion pads,...
Different kinds of liquid silicone rubber parts
Jun 25 , 2019 | Industry News
At present, the liquid silicone rubber is used as an adhesive because it offers the supreme range of flexibility and also exceptionally high heat resistant suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries such as automotive, electronic, electrical, construction...
20 different sizes rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders for you to choose
Jun 05 , 2019 | Company News
As a rubber factory, we have 20 different sizes rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders for you to choose, our engineer team has rich experience in the processing and design of rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders.   Whether it is NBR or SBR or EPDM material, we...
Where is Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts Used?
May 08 , 2019 | Industry News
Are you choosing materials to manufacture critical parts & components? If so then consider Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). It is the primary material which is mainly used for manufacturing needs and no need of experts help to make it. Its characteristics, as well as chemical...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Mould exported to German Client
Apr 03 , 2019 | Company News
  First of all, thanks to our team, another set of liquid silicone injection molds passed the acceptance test and packaged to German client.   What is liquid silicone rubber molding? Liquid rubber silicone molding is different from compression...
How to choose material of rubber products to save money?
Mar 29 , 2019 | Industry News
Here you will find simple explanations how to choose right material of rubber products step by step and then to save money.   1.Price ranking of different rubber material FVMQ>FKM>HNBR>AEM>ACM>ECO VMQ>CR>EPDM>NBR>SBR>NR below is...
Why liquid silicone rubber is the best alternative to plastics?What’s liquid silicone rubber( LSR)? what’s the difference between solid silicone and liquid silicone rubber?
Mar 22 , 2019 | Industry News
What kind of material is liquid silicone rubber (LSR)? 1. A non-toxic, heat-resistant, highly resilient, flexible thermoset material. 2. It is a double liquid fast vulcanizing material with platinum as vulcanizing agent, which can be injection molded. Large, fast and...
Silicone o-ring supplier, green FkM o-ring manufacturer, o-rings sizes 64*3/20*2.5/6.07*1.78mm wholesale
Mar 21 , 2019 | Company News
 we kindly ask you for your quote on following several o-ring ( NBR o-ring, Silicone o-ring, viton o-ring) Size/material/ tolerance as below table shown please quote optional with PTFE coating REACH + RoHs conform Tol. DIN 3771 10000 alt. 25000 alt....
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