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20 different sizes rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders for you to choose
Jun 05 , 2019 | Company News
As a rubber factory, we have 20 different sizes rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders for you to choose, our engineer team has rich experience in the processing and design of rubber crutch tips rubber cane holders.   Whether it is NBR or SBR or EPDM material, we...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Mould exported to German Client
Apr 03 , 2019 | Company News
  First of all, thanks to our team, another set of liquid silicone injection molds passed the acceptance test and packaged to German client.   What is liquid silicone rubber molding? Liquid rubber silicone molding is different from compression...
Silicone o-ring supplier, green FkM o-ring manufacturer, o-rings sizes 64*3/20*2.5/6.07*1.78mm wholesale
Mar 21 , 2019 | Company News
 we kindly ask you for your quote on following several o-ring ( NBR o-ring, Silicone o-ring, viton o-ring) Size/material/ tolerance as below table shown please quote optional with PTFE coating REACH + RoHs conform Tol. DIN 3771 10000 alt. 25000 alt....
400 cavitities O-ring export mould to Russia, Custom O-ring rubber moulds for Russian cilent, 10.7*2.5MM silicone o-ring mould Supplier
Mar 18 , 2019 | Company News
glad to receive the o-ring export mould enquiry email from Russia. our sales team arrange quotation in 24 hours according to received drawing Re o-ring export mould, from mould steel, quality, layout, groove, nozzle, mould shrinkage, lettering, to handle,which is...
German custom-made 80 Shore neoprene rubber products completed with clear lettering
Mar 05 , 2019 | Company News
rubber spacers, rubber sleeve inquiry CR 80 +- 5 SH, black ( Neoprene rubber) rubber compounds should REACH + RoHs conform rubber part should meet drawing no shown tolerance according to DIN ISO 3302-1 M2 rubber spacer is required valid for 10000 hours of operation...
The latest toilet flange seal, adjustable flange washer, the toilet can be displaced, reducing the installation workload
Feb 25 , 2019 | Company News
The toilet flange seal is also called the offset adjustable flange rubber washer device and the sewage shifter. It is used when the main toilet is installed. Because the wall of the toilet and the drain outlet are fixed, the selected toilet drain port does not...
2019 1+1 Family Rubber Injection Mold/Tool Enquiry for Production of Door and Window Strip Joint Corner Pieces
Jan 22 , 2019 | Company News
Rubber mold design Melon rubber,We are one of the leaders in the rubber mold industry for the design and manufacture of rubber molds. There is no denying that rubber molds are used in many industries. We have a wealth of knowledge in this industry, combined with our many...
EPDM Self lubrication Pump Tank Seal Gasket 5000pcs Order Ready For German Client
Jan 15 , 2019 | Company News
Material: EPDM 70sh with lubricant 4.3% EPDM Self lubrication Application: Pump Tank Seal Gasket      Melon Rubber offers high-stength,durable, long period using custom rubber gasket, bathtub rubber gasket, custom rubber seals,silicone...
2019 China New Year Holiday
Jan 14 , 2019 | Company News
First of all, thank you for your trust and support. In the past year, we have continuously improved internal management, summed up the problems encountered in the processing of rubber products, and improved self rubber processing skills so that 2019 can better...
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