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What You Should Know About Overmolding Injection Molding and Custom molded rubber
Jan 03 , 2023 | Company News
Summary    Are you an engineer and need to manufacture products with various materials? Are you seeking the best way to make products affordable? If so, there is no better option than overmolding. It is the most excellent technique to create single or multiple...
Adverse Effects With The Best Quality Overmolding Injection Molding
Dec 30 , 2022 | Company News
Are you looking for the finest-grade molding product with two or more different materials? In the modern day, you can easily find a variety of designs of the methods available for quick molding options. These vary based on the screwing or glueing materials together in quite a...
Advantages and disadvantages of EPDM vs FKM for Seal Rings
Nov 21 , 2022 | Company News
EPDM and FKM are common sealing ring materials with excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance. However, there are some significant differences between the two polymer materials, depending on your application, you can determine the seal ring material you choose. Here,...
D25.5*D17*24.5MM silicone Duckbill valve to United State client
Mar 09 , 2021 | Company News
Today, the first order of D25.5*D17*24.5MM silicone Duckbill valve 5000pcs was shipped to United State client Mr.Bob.  We are very excited because this duckbill valve order created the fastest trade record in January 2021. Received Mr Bob’s duckkbill valve RFQ on...
2021 Happy OX Year- thanks to our Client & friends we met
Feb 23 , 2021 | Company News
Happy OX year!   I hope you all are fine despite this hard times we are enduring.   We are back to work today and everything is back to normal,please feel free to contact us.  In the 2021 New Year, we will try our best to coordinate wherever you need...
7 FAQ Baby Pacifier
Jan 08 , 2021 | Company News
1.I would like to design my own pacifier…Can you do the manufacturing for me? Yes, as one Professional OEM manufacturer, We can Transform your thoughts into reality with services ranging from design support, material selection, prototyping, high...
NEW 2021 greetings Melon Rubber
Dec 31 , 2020 | Company News
Dear Friends, 2020 is coming to an end. The year has demanded a great deal of us. We have practiced tolerance, flexibility, solidarity, social distancing, Perseverance, postponement... We are all facing great challenges and must somehow learn to overcome...
New Dog Toy Order/ Rubber Food Grade Pet Training Toy Order From USA/AwesomeRubber Supplier
Oct 13 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is a rubber pet toy supplier, We provide quality rubber dog toys and pet training toys for kids, dogs, and cats with the best pet toy with the best quality. We guarantee excellent service, excellent service quality, and most importantly the best care. We have experience...
General quotes of rubber parts from Slovenia
Oct 13 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is a recognized leading manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber seals, custom rubber gaskets, rubber o ring seals and various rubber plastic products development, which is used in industries that span automotive, defense, sporting goods, medical devices. Our...
RFQ story between Buyer and China OEM ventilator diaphragm valve manufacturer
Sep 11 , 2020 | Company News
Melon is OEM ventilator diaphragm valve ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, professional experience and free samples for quality...
United Kingdom audio customers are satisfied with Melon O-ring
Jul 16 , 2020 | Company News
  Basically, O-Ring is a simple yet common tools that helps to create a seal interface in which easy to manufacture with reliable function and simple installation requirements. Due to the affordable price of O-ring, it has been universally used by mechanical industries....
70 Sh Black NBR O-ring 295*11mm' to Israel
Jul 10 , 2020 | Company News
the specification of NBR 70 Shore A o-ring is with UV resistant, Oil resistant,and double ensure its quality during transportationr...
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