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Wholesale Silicone Rubber Molds

Wholesale Silicone Rubber Molds


Mould material: P20 steel, 718, 2738, H13, NAK80, 2344, 2343, S136, etc....
Fast mould design: can  be  within 3  working days after  getting customer’s  drawings
Lead time: 7 days for prototype tooling & samples, 15 days for production mold, precision liquid moulds: 3- 5 weeks after getting the mould design confirmation
Mould testing: All  of  the  moulds  can  be  well  tested  before  the shipments. Videos for testing the moulds are available.
Minimum order: small orders can be accepted
Production capacity: 100 sets/month
Port: Zhongshan or Shenzhen, China

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Melon Rubber is a recognized leading mould manufacturer of high precision mold and rubber molding services including: rubber compression molding, rubber transfer molding, lliquid silicone rubber mould and rubber injection molding enabling us to meet all of your product specifications depending upon our customer's requirement. we own internal tool making facility to minimize production costs and control extremely tight tolerances. We provide molded rubber product fabrication quantities from prototypes and short runs to large production runs. Even If you do not have a technical drawing, Melon Rubber&Plastic has the ability to reverse engineer your product for you directly from a sample. From simple to highly complex rubber shapes, we takes pride in our ability to consistently produce accurate molded rubber products guaranteed to meet your exact specifications and function perfectly within your application.



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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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