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What You Should Know About Overmolding Injection Molding and Custom molded rubber
Jan 03,2023 | Company News



Are you an engineer and need to manufacture products with various materials? Are you seeking the best way to make products affordable? If so, there is no better option than overmolding. It is the most excellent technique to create single or multiple parts. 


Injection molding is one of the famous prototyping procedures in the industry. If you need to combine multiple materials to create particular components, you can use overmolding injection molding. It engages the molten supplies injection into the mold's cavity for making parts. In this process, you can use thermoplastic and rubber for overmold materials that are flexible. The user can mix these substances with other agents like colourants and others. 


Uses of overmolding process  


In the modern era, overmolding technology is used for various applications, namely surgical devices, hardware tools, cookware, daily household items and more. Many manufacturers use this method to make the hardware tools like tape measuring, screwdrivers, hammers, pocket knives, wrenches, pockets knives and more. With the help of this process, you can make numerous household items such as portable fans, shampoo bottles, mirrors, toothbrushes, etc. This process will help you create parts and get the most excellent result. 


Pros of overmolding procedure 


If you are using an overmolding process for manufacturing components, it helps to reduce secondary operations. It allows you to make parts from multiple materials without any hassle. Thus, you can save money on buying many machines to construct components with different materials. 


This budget-friendly molding procedure helps to increase the production of the company. On the other hand, it helps boost the product's functionality. It can increase the product's function and look, which grabs consumers' attention. It will add softness to handheld parts and boost overall function. Soft coating of the product helps to enhance safety and absorb vibration.


While there may be many rubber parts and components available for the product, sometimes it's hard to find the parts you need. One of the ways manufacturers combat this problem is by using custom-molded rubber parts. Manufacturers choose to buy custom molded rubber because they get the workpiece exactly as they want with the desired properties. This reduces overall costs as you are designing parts to fit the purpose rather than designing to fit the part.


Benefits of custom molded rubber:


We use custom rubber molding services because of their many advantages. The main advantage is that part properties can be selected.

  • Ability to produce from one prototype to full volume.
  • Ability to adapt parts to conditions through material and thickness selection
  • More beautiful customization with colour and texture options.
  • Ability to complete rubber-to-metal bonding if required for parts
  • Perfect for detailed parts requiring high precision and precision.
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