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What Makes Rubber O Ring Seals Ideal to Use?
Feb 13,2020 | Industry News

Rubber o ring seals are the most common fluid power seals that include a donut-shaped ring or toroid that comes with a circular cross section to taken into use in different machinery types, tools and devices or in engines. These high-grade and durable rubber O-Ring seals are designed by using Elastomers that include Buna N, Neoprene or Silicone; while they come with different other options that include PTFE, Metals and other materials.


There are different uses of these rubber O-Ring seals. They are called as multi-purpose bit of kit that allows users to seal off different surfaces – both interior and exterior to prevent leakage, corrosion, and weathering and provides you with an air tight barrier that is helpful in preventing the loss of air and heat. Rubber O ring seals are the most vital type of element of the circular and editorial section that has an advanced symmetric geometry that works on the advanced platforms and based on latest technologies. 


1. Use of NBR O-Ring for amazing oil resistance and to wear temperature ranging from minus 30 degree to plus 100 degree Celsius
2. You can choose EPDM O-Ring that come with different added features like aging resistance quality, Alkali Resistance, temperature resistance and a lot more.
3. Silicone O-Ring – they are food grade ring that can wear temperature ranging from minus 50 degree to 250 degree Celsius.  


In addition to the aforementioned types of rings, you can choose Viton FFKM O-Rings, PU O-Rings, PTFE O-Rings and various other types. 

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