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What Is Low Pressure Overmolding ?
Oct 25,2022 | Industry News

With the continuous development of the electronic industry, electronic product manufacturers require more and more effective protection of vulnerable components of their products. Due to this trend, low pressure molding has become an increasingly popular substitute for most traditional encapsulate processes. This advanced electronicovermolding process that uses less time, lower temperature and less pressure.


Low Pressure Overmolding Process and Application


The low pressure overmolding process is to use a lower melt temperature (180-220℃) and less pressure (around 100 PSI)  to melt the hot melt materials until they become liquid, then inject them into the pre designed mold with the help of the thrust of the screw, overmolded the electronic components to be protected, and then cool and solidify the materials into the desired shape. With the excellent sealing property and excellent physical and chemical properties of the overmolding materials, it can achieve the effects of insulation, temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration reduction, moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It can protect sensitive circuits and electronic components from environmental damage.


Low pressure molding technology was initially used to improve the overall potting process of all parts in the automotive industry. With the increasing importance of PCB and circuit board protection, the use of low-voltage cladding molding has been popularized to protect many different products in medical, military, lighting, industrial and consumer industries.


Advantages of Low Pressure Overmolding Process


1) Low pressure overmolding is to integrate the overmolded material and the base material, without the possibility of falling off.


2) The internal structure of low-pressure overmolded parts can be designed arbitrarily.


3) Low pressure injection overmolding does not require additional secondary process to improve production efficiency.


4) Low pressure injection molding products have good feel and appearance.


5) Low pressure overmolding products have low injection pressure, can effectively protect the internal parts of the product, and low scrap rate.


Custom Case of Low Pressure Overmolding Technology--injection overmolding Kegel Ball


In this case, the central part is a PCB that has been over-molded to protect it from abrasion, shock, liquids and potential electrical interference induced by direct contact. The PCBA is set in a mold cavity which is closed, and an over molding material is injected at low pressure into the mold so it surrounds the part. Low pressure injection LSR overmolding is desirable to insure that none of the components on the PCBA are disturbed. The offered a solid protective shell that simultaneously provides safe and leak free human protection.


Low-pressure injection overmolding Kegel Ball realizes functions sensors, diagnostic capability, embedded controls, and brings new upgrades to waterproof, appearance, use experience, etc.

Typical examples of contract overmolding projects Melon undertakes include a broad selection of electrical instruments, and particularly for the PCB Overmolding, Battery Overmolding, electrical seal industry.


Any PCB overmolding, or cable overmolding or LSR overmolding, please contact Melon' engineering team.

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