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United Kingdom audio customers are satisfied with Melon O-ring
Jul 16,2020 | Company News


Basically, O-Ring is a simple yet common tools that helps to create a seal interface in which easy to manufacture with reliable function and simple installation requirements. Due to the affordable price of O-ring, it has been universally used by mechanical industries. It can be used in both static applications and dynamic applications where there is relative motion between components.


We – Melon Rubber Company value your different unique needs & requirements. With the support from our robust manufacturing plant, we are proud to offer the custom O-Rings service based on designated chemical compatibility, service temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements, hardness, size and budgeting.


With our experience in plastic manufacturing, we are able to provide a powerful solution on the size, material and hardness of the custom O-Rings. If you are interested in our custom O-Rings services, please email us at or phone us via +86 18022147480



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