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Understand the Major Benefits of the Overmolding Process
Feb 02,2023 | Company News

Businesses that want to produce huge products of different materials often use overmolding injection molding. It is the popular and reliable prototyping process accessed to create structurally the same parts. 

Overmolding is the multi-step injection molding process that molds two or more components one over other. Due to the involvement of two-step process, it is often called two-shot molding. Materials commonly utilized in this process are nylon, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyamide, and acrylic.

When should you use Overmolding?

When designing parts, you must look at the need for the Overmolding process. Since it is a flexible manufacturing method, it can utilize in various processes in different situations. 

It is one of the best methods for producing a huge volume of the same parts at the optimal speed. So, you can take benefit of this method when manufacturing huge parts. At the same time, this manufacturing method is unsuitable for those who want to produce a small number of products because of high upfront costs. 

The application of this process is diverse because huge over-molded products are available today. It includes hardware tools, everyday household items, and surgical devices. So, if you need an effective prototyping process, you can rely on Overmolding.

Advantages of the Overmolding process

While working with Overmolding injection molding, Overmolding renders tons of benefits such as excellent function and quality of the products. Here are other worthy benefits!

  • It reduces the requirement for secondary operations while producing a multi-material component. It helps create a single part from several materials rather than using two different parts to develop an end product.
  • It is one of the highly cost-effective molding processes; thus, you only need to spend a little on production.
  • It seamlessly enhances the final products' feel, function, and look. Therefore, it has become the reliable manufacturing method for industrial and domestic items. 
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