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Seals and Gaskets Suppliers,EPDM Rubber Seals

Seals and Gaskets Suppliers,EPDM Rubber Seals

Price:US $0.3-$1.5

•Rubber gasket has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, good flexibility in the temperature range of - 70℃-260℃, ozone resistance and weather aging resistance.
•Rubber gasket has many excellent properties, such as waterproof, flame retardant, conductive, wear-resistant, oil resistant and so on.
•Widely used in automobile, aviation, medical, valve, bathroom, electronic machinery, plumbing and other high precision industries. Due to no toxicity, it can be used to make thermal insulation, insulating products and medical rubber products.

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Seals and Gaskets Suppliers,EPDM Rubber Seals



Size & Shape



Any customs colors can be made


10-70 Share(customized)

Main Features

High temperature resistant, Sealing,Shock absorbing, eco-friendly




Usually PE bag,OPP bag,color box,PET box

OEM/ODM Service


Payment terms

T/T, Paypal,  Western Union

Shipping terms


Rubber gasket is used as sealing material for pipe flange, high pressure vessel flange and all kinds of mechanical connection surface. It can be used for punching all kinds of gaskets with good sealing performance and acid and alkali resistance requirements. Generally, the gaskets of various shapes and sizes are punched according to the requirements.

Melon Rubber manufacture & sale Silicone & Rubber Gaskets which are used in wide array of industries with diverse applications. Accordingly, your custom specification of inside and outside diameters, groove width and wall thickness we can make high quality gaskets in different style & sizes.

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