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rubber sleeve manufacturer for camera, high quality Non-slip sleeve

rubber sleeve manufacturer for camera, high quality Non-slip sleeve


Hardness: 30-70Shore

color:black, red or customed 

Feature: well pressured, non-slip, working temperature up to +250℃

taking the dust away from digital camera sensors.


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Big image of rubber sleeve with smooth surface, no burrs, silk feeling, non-slip

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Re rubber sleeve hardness, below is simpe hardness durometer chart for reference


How does rubber sleeve come out? how do you ensure its quality?

below is root reason as below image shown Melon Production capacity

Strict quality control

from rubber raw material inspectionIQC,

rubber sleeve process inspection,

shipment inspection of rubber sleeve before delivery

Professional engineering and technical analysis guidance

engineer project responsibility system, after the project is confirmed,

the project evaluation meeting will be held at the first time,

familiar with product technical requirements, technical difficulties, etc.,

technical engineers will guide the technical process documents for batch production in advance

Skilled technical operation and right rubber machine

from rubber compounding,

preforming, molding, all employees have been professionally trained,

senior engineers inspected on site
Well-equipped, daily equipment inspection
Quality personnel do a good quality inspection


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