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Overmolding LSR Mold Manufacturing -Composite Gasket

Overmolding LSR Mold Manufacturing -Composite Gasket


Cost Efficiency: Silicone injection molds offer cost advantages in terms of production efficiency and material usage. They allow for fast cycle times and high-volume production, resulting in increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs.

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What is LSR Tooling?

LSR tooling is the specialized equipment used to manufacture LSR parts.

One of the main advantages of LSR tooling is the high level of precision that can be achieved. 

Another benefit of LSR tooling is the ability to create parts with complex geometries. This is because the liquid silicone rubber can flow easily into the mold, filling in all of the crevices and intricate details of the part.

LSR tooling is also known for its high quality and durability. The silicone rubber used in LSR tooling is resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and UV radiation, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. 
Additionally, LSR tooling parts have excellent elasticity and can be stretched and compressed without losing their shape or function.



Process of LSR Tooling Manufacturing:

The process of LSR tooling manufacturing involves several steps. First, the liquid silicone rubber is mixed with a catalyst and any necessary additives. The mixture is then injected into a mold using a specialized machine. The mold is typically made of steel or aluminum and is designed to create the desired shape and features of the part.

Once the mold is filled, it is heated to cure the silicone rubber. The curing process typically takes a few minutes depending on the size and complexity of the part. After the part has cured, it is removed from the mold and any excess material is trimmed off.

Melon Rubber is a recognized leading mould manufacturer of high precision mold and rubber molding services including: rubber compression molding, rubber transfer molding, lliquid silicone rubber mould and rubber injection molding enabling us to meet all of your product specifications depending upon our customer's requirement. we own internal tool making facility to minimize production costs and control extremely tight tolerances. We provide molded rubber product fabrication quantities from prototypes and short runs to large production runs. Even If you do not have a technical drawing, Melon Rubber&Plastic has the ability to reverse engineer your product for you directly from a sample. From simple to highly complex rubber shapes, we takes pride in our ability to consistently produce accurate molded rubber products guaranteed to meet your exact specifications and function perfectly within your application.







1.What is the expertise and experience of your LSR tooling manufacturing supplier?

Our LSR tooling manufacturing supplier has extensive expertise and experience in producing high-quality LSR tooling. They have a proven track record of delivering precision molds and components for various industries.
2.Can you provide examples of composite gasket applications that you have worked on?

Yes, we have successfully worked on various composite gasket applications for industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical. We can provide you with specific examples and case studies upon request.
3.How does the overmolding silicone process work and what are its advantages?

The overmolding silicone process involves molding silicone material over a base component or substrate. This process provides excellent sealing properties, enhances durability, and allows for the integration of different materials or features into a single part.
4.What quality control measures do you have in place to ensure the reliability of the overmolded silicone products?

We have strict quality control measures in place throughout the entire manufacturing process. This includes comprehensive inspection and testing procedures to ensure the dimensional accuracy, material consistency, and performance of the overmolded silicone products.
5.Can you accommodate customizations and specific requirements for the composite gaskets?

Yes, we specialize in providing customized solutions for composite gaskets. We can accommodate specific requirements such as size, shape, material selection, and performance characteristics to meet your application needs.
6.What is the typical lead time for manufacturing and delivering LSR tooling and overmolded silicone products?

The lead time for manufacturing and delivering LSR tooling and overmolded silicone products can vary depending on factors such as complexity, quantity, and current production schedule. We will provide you with a clear timeline based on your specific project requirements.



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