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Kegel Exercise Weights

Kegel Exercise Weights


1. PREMIUM BODY-SAFE SILICONE, Silky Skin,Most Comfortable,Easy To Use, Safest Kegel Exercise Equipment available. Medical silicone with FDA certified,BPA-Free, 

2. WATERPROOF SEAMLESS DESIGN prevents bacteria and viruses from harboring.Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after use.

3. DOCTOR RECOMMENDED KEGL EXERCISE KITS for women post pregnancy and childbirth recovery.

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Kegel Exercise Weights for Women Bladder Controll and Pelvic Floor Exercise Set of 4 Premium Viginal Kegel Balls Beginner to Advanced

Warm Tip: If you are the first to buy such exercise kit, consult your physician before attempting any exercise regimen, especially if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Daycare: Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after use. Do not use during menstruations. If a lubricant is needed, use a water based lubricant only. 

Health Enhancement: With proper and regular kegel exercise, the kits will safely and effectively reduce incontinence, reduce vaginal prolapse, strengthen pelvic wall muscles, increase desire, and enhanced intimacy.

Direction for Beginners: Find your perfect weight by seeing which one you can hold for at least 2 minutes, from light to heavy. Then try to do easy exercise as doctor recommended, Use this for 15 minutes per day, and try to add 1 to 3 minutes next day when you feel you can hold it longer. Doctor advice 30 minutes training per day. You may keep this weight exercise for one month, and feel the change of pelvice muscles.

Direction for Advanced: If you have finished the beginner exercise, let's pick up next stage exercise weight. Then repeat the routine as previous stage, from 15 minutes to 30 minutes per day, gradually strengthen muscles to advoid over exertion. Once you've mastered the final pink weight you will have incredible bladder control and pelvic muscle strength. An amazingly tight experience is waiting for you.

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