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Injection Rubber Mould Manufacturer for Infant Feeding & Hygiene

Injection Rubber Mould Manufacturer for Infant Feeding & Hygiene


Melon is one professional molded rubber products manufacturers,our exciting Rubber Mould includes injection silicone Breastfeeding Solutions mould, Infant Feeding & Hygiene overmolding silicone mould and other rubber moulds.

  1. Mold core material:S136 HRC48-52
  2. Rubber Material:liquid silicone rubber
  3. Mold shrinkage :0.025
  4. Mould Life: 500000shots
  5. Lead Time: 25-35days
  6. Draw and Scan 3-D drawing if client without drawing, only sample
  7. Cold runner
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Melon, as one professional rubber mould manufacturer, All rubber mould is designed to support our client' design, bringing the best quality Infant Feeding & Hygiene to those angels.

Custom Rubber Mould for Baby Fruit Nibbler

Fruit nibbler and teething toy to provide gentle relief to gums. Serves dual purpose of feeding fruit and vegetables to babies and can also be used as a teether. 
Can be filled with chilled fruits/vegetables to provide added relief.
 Made with BPA Free, food grade plastic and soft silicone, it comes in attractive handle designs to engage the baby and is easy to hold and nibble upon.

Custom Rubber Mould Baby Toothbrush 
Made from Non Toxic Liquid Silicone. Gently cleans your baby's teeth and gum. Provides relief to the child's tender gums during teething

Our engineers work hand-in-hand with Infant Feeding & Hygiene customers to develop and manufacture the optimum product to meet application needs.

Browse our full range of products & capabilities to see what we can do for you:

1-Melon make precision LSR injection molds with good quality

and provide high quality custom liquid silicone rubber injection molded parts

2-Injection molded parts can be in different hardness and brand, such as 15-80 Shore A

Wacker 3038/ Wacker 3080/ShinEtsu/ Dow

3-Different injection molded rubber parts can pass different certifsuch as UL test, V0 fire resistant test,FDA test,REACH test,SGS test and IP65

4-Melon can also provide different surface treatment for injection molded parts

5-Commonly use surface treatment for injection molded parts as:Texture/Sandy/MT/YS/SPI/EDM finish/smooth/glossy/VDI

6-Beside making injection molded parts,we also provide printing,welding,assembly and packing service

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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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