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How to make professional overmolding breathing mask?
Jun 26,2020 | Company News

How to design a professional breathing overmolding mask? using advantages of two materials, silicone for comfort and softness and transparent of plastic.

the key point is to find one professional overmolding injection manufacturer, Melon is one, welcome your Email or Call. 

if need free sample or DFM analysis, please contact Anna Yang,


We already have successfully developed many different breathing masks.

Our overmolding thechnical processing has been varified in different project. That's images we've developed before.

Once customer's drawings may be received.

The engineer will give you professional opinion and evaluation from the aspects of appearance dimension assembly and actual test.

First is one DFM report which show the product structure and design structure workable through computer data to simulate the fluidity of the compound in the actual mold.

And further verification of feasibility of the design.In particular, we will give some suggestions to our customers based on our practical

 experience in the design of some detail positions covered with glue

The existing design deficiencies, put forward and clarify the risks in time.

please contact Anna Yang

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