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FDA Grade Soft silicoHeadphone Accessories

FDA Grade Soft silicoHeadphone Accessories


1, Using high-quality silicone production, soft and non-toxic products
2, through the safety certification of various countries such as UL, FDA, etc.
3, comfortable to wear, will not produce any discomfort and irritation to the ear
4, anti-aging anti-stretch, more durable than other materials
5, moistureproof and waterproof, effectively resist bacteria


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Liquid silicone rubber offers numerous advantages, such as biocompatibility, easy sterilization and transparency. The material feels soft on the skin, which makes it an obvious choice for devices that contact body.

Super liquid silicone rubber earplug with various color, elastic soft silicone ear cap, suitable for Bluetooth headset with caliber of about 11mm,Small and light, better choice for anytime, anywhere.

Liquid silicone rubberLiquid silicone rubber


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