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Eco-Friendly Bounce Ball for Sieve Machine Mesh Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Bounce Ball for Sieve Machine Mesh Cleaning


Rubber ball is also known as bouncing ball. Rubber bouncing ball is an indispensable part of the vibrating screen. for Sieve Cleaning. It is constantly vibrating up and down by the force of the punching plate when the vibrating screen is working. It reciprocally strikes the screen to realize the cleaning of the screen to improve the penetration rate. purpose. Its material is generally in natural rubber, silicone or fluorine rubber.


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natural rubber bouncing ball is suitable for general material screening process; silicone bouncing ball has the advantages of good elasticity, good wear resistance, etc. It is mainly applied to the screening of food, medicine and other materials; Fluoroplastic sealing skin is oil-resistant and does not distort when soaked in oil. It is mainly suitable for the screening of oily liquid materials. 
According to the characteristics of their own materials, choose the right vibrating screen, small accessories are inconspicuous, but it can bring us a breakthrough in production.

How does bounce ball work for large capacity powder inline vibration sieve machine cleaning?

Below is simple images:


Silicone Sieve BallSilicone Sieve Ball

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