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Melon is a leading rubber mould manufacturer and supplier in China, it can offer high-quality mold design, OEM mold making, rubber product design, and various rubber plastic product development. Custom rubber moulds are used in span automotive, defense, sporting goods, medical devices, and other industries. Melon rubber molding company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective designing, engineering, and manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications.


Melon rubber mould manufacturer can do:

  • Draw and Scan Molded rubber products 3-D drawing
  • Compression Mould, Transfer Mould, Injection Mould
  • Prototype Tooling, silicone molds, Overmolding Silicone Mould
  • Plastic injection Mould
  • Plating & Heat Treatment of Molds and Components
  • CNC Machining Engineered Plastics Parts-ABS, POM, PTFE and others
  • Automatic / Manual dust-free Assembly Line under ISO13485 certified dust-free cleanroom
  • Research and Development of Rubber Compounds
Wholesale Factory Rubber Metal Bonded Seal Buffer for Toilet Tank Assembly Sanitaryware Fittings
1. Good dimensional stability,Durability. these bushes are used to solve the load bearing problem in vibrating and oscillating...
Price:from $ 0.036
NBR Viton Sponge Rubber Toilet Washer, Sanitary Ruber Sealing Washer Manufacturer, Factory Price Moulded Rubber Parts, Free Design
1. High precision toilet washer(±0.01MM) and satisfy GB/T3672.1-2002 /N FT47-001 /DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance 2. Acid and alkali resistance and...
Sanitary Rubber Foam Gasket Flange Toilet Washer wholesale manufacturer of high quality
1.Application: Used in faucets, toilets, pipe fittings, flange connector, water tank inlet valve, toilet inlet valve, squat toilet inlet valve, double drain...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Sealing Parts Wholesale Supplier, Factory Price, High Quality
1) Materials: 100% high quality liquid silicone rubber, Medical grate material compliance of FDA standard 2) Application:Valves and gauges/Membranes and seal...
liquid Silicone Rubber Flush Valve Seal Gasket Toilet Washer-Bathroom Cistern Fittings
1.Appearance: smooth surface, no obvious flash, gap, cracks, piles, blisters, dents, and other surface defects 2. Material: Liquid silicone rubber 3....
Price:from $0.13
Flat O Ring Washer For Bathroom Toilet Washer
Melon,as a o ring supplier,could provide standard o-ring,nonstandard o-ring, o-ring seal , toliet washer and  rubber seal according to standard AS568,...
Custom Rubber Mould Manufacturer, Injection Mould of Custom Rubber Part from China
Rubber Mould material: P20 steel, 718, 2738,H13, NAK80,2344,2343,S136,etc.... Fast mould design: can be within 3 working days after getting customer’s...
Wholesale Vacuum Suction Cupping,Silicone Cellulite Suction Cup
*Wholesale silicone suction cups for cellulite,best silicone cups for cupping. *Smooth texture, no discomfort to skin, safe and reliable. *Soft material,...
Price:US $0.12-$0.35
Custom Backwater Valve Floor Drain,Silicone Drain Valve Check
*Thickened high quality food grade silicone material, soft, non-toxic, tasteless, not easy to break, not easy to deform, durable. *One way silicone valve can...
BPA Free Food Grade Heat Resistant Silicone Grommet
•Made of high quality silicone, BPA Free, food grade/medical grade, durable; •Excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, working at...
Price:US $0.08-$0.15
LSR Injection Molding Waterproof High Temperature Silicone Grommet
•Made of high quality silicone, BPA Free, food grade/medical grade, durable; •Excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, working at...
Price:US $0.05-$0.15
Custom High Temp Silicone Rubber Caps,Silicone Flange Caps,Silicone Cap Kit
•Rubber Cap is generally used to cover studs or small holes, high temperature resistant, suitable for 0-600 F. •One piece rubber, easy to install...
Price:US $0.12-0.25
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Melon rubber mould manufacturer’s main objective is to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with high-performance custom rubber molds, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service.
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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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