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Melon is a leading rubber mold manufacturer in China, can manufacture custom rubber molds for different needs of rubber parts production. Full customization, High efficiency, automation, high precision, and longer lifetime are the main features of our rubber molds. 


Our custom rubber molds are widely used in medicine and healthcare, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics, transportation, sports and recreation, and other industries. Melon silicone rubber molding company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective rubber mold designing, engineering, and manufacturing solutions to meet the most demanding needs. Feel free to contact us and tell us what kind of rubber molds you are looking for! Melon rubber mold manfuacturer will provide the best solutions and wholesale prices!

Kegel Exerciser for Women Bladder Controll and Pelvic Floor Exercise Set of 4 Premium Viginal Kegel Balls Beginner to Advanced
1. PREMIUM BODY-SAFE SILICONE, Silky Skin,Most Comfortable,Easy To Use, Safest Kegel Exercise Equipment available. Medical silicone with FDA...
rubber sealing mould for door and window rubber seal strip
The window sealing strip is an indispensable accessory in the steel doors and Windows of the plastic steel doors and Windows, the production and installation of...
rubber sealing extrusion profile/mould for door and window rubber seal strip
The window sealing strip is an indispensable accessory in the steel doors and Windows of the plastic steel doors and Windows, the production and installation of...
Toilet washer injection rubber mould for sanitary fittings
If without rubber gasket seal, what would our life be like? the faucet would turn into a fountain, and the car wouldn't be able to run...Thus, rubber is...
Silicone Watch Strap Silicone Watch Brand
1.  Waterproof silicone and various colour choice, which will go best with your watch, diving gear or choice of clothes 2.  Cut to Length For...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Sanitary Manufacturer Rubber Flange Sealing&Gasket
1.Highly transparency 2.High strength 3.ROHS and FDA test passed 4. higher temperature resistant 5. Highly precision
Price:from $0.75
Rubber Gasket For Flush Valve Spud Seal Sponge Gasket
Application: 1.Tank to Bowl Spud Gasket 2.Durable rubber gasket seal, which is easy to install 3.fix common leaky toilet problem  
Rohs Confirmed Rubber Foam Gasket Seal for Leaky Toilet
​​​​​1. Moulded rubber sponge gasket seal with high precision and smooth surface 2. Lower water absorption rate, closed cell foam rubber...
Direct Factory Heavy Duty Neoprene Bathtub Rubber Gasket, Custom Cover Rubber Gasket, Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Rubber Gasket
1. Used in faucets, toilets fittings, pipes, showers and other industry accessories, and auto parts 2. Material: silicone, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, SBR, NR, SILICONE...
Silicone Mould
Food Grade Standard Neck Baby Bottle Nipple 4.8gram 1. Food Grade Nipple, with good tearing resisitance, Baby can feel free to suck as breast feeding...
129.77*3.53 mm Rubber Sealing Washer Toilet Washer,Custom Rubber&Metal Seal Ring Supplier, O-ring Wholesale Manufacturer, Factory Price, Rohs&Reach Conform
1. Wirquin approved rubber&mould accessories vendor.             2. The rubber formula is developed independently, and...
Wholesale Supplier Silicone Promotional Breathable Car Sofa Seat Cushion for Comfort & Pain Relief
1. Ventilated breathe freely silicone seat cover 2. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, hip yoga all time 3. 3 D pillar design to prevent...
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What is Rubber Mold?

Rubber molds are metal models for shaping rubber into different shapes. They could also be named rubber vulcanization molds, rubber injection molding, and rubber stampers. Rubber molding is a process that turns raw rubber or synthetic rubbers into final products with desired geometry. Melon rubber mould supplier could manufacture any custom rubber moulds that your production needs!

Types of Rubber Molding

Melon rubber mold manufacturer supports these different types of rubber moliding: Rubber Injection Molding, Compression Moulding, Transfer Molding, Rubber Extrusion, and Rubber to Metal Bonding. 

Each of these molding types has unique advantages. You’d better choose the right compound and rubber molding process to achieve the desired end result and ensure the best performance level and cost-effectiveness.

What can Melon Custom Rubber Mold Manufacturer Do?

Right, these are what Melon custom rubber mould manufacturer can do:

  1. Draw and Scan Molded rubber products 3-D drawing

  2. Compression Rubber Mould, Transfer Rubber Mould, Injection Rubber Mold

  3. Prototype Tooling, silicone molds, Overmolding Silicone Mould

  4. Plastic Injection Mould

  5. Plating & Heat Treatment of Molds and Components

  6. CNC Machining Engineered Plastics Parts-ABS, POM, PTFE and others

  7. Automatic / Manual dust-free Assembly Line under ISO13485 certified dust-free cleanroom

  8. Research and Development of Rubber Compounds

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Melon Rubber offers a complete line of molded rubber products that have been developed over more than 10 years. 

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