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Antibacterial wide mouth medical grade silicone baby bottle

Antibacterial wide mouth medical grade silicone baby bottle


Don’t worry, we will solve all the problems for you one by one Easy to fall, anti-colic, antibacterial silicone baby bottle detail display

  1. The two-way air inlet balances the air pressure in the bottle, and the straw goes straight to the bottom of the bottle. Don’t breathe in air, don’t be afraid of choking,
  2. Ultra-wide diameter 7CM, easy to wash by hand, To Say goodbye to the traditional bottle brush You can wash it by hand, and dad can help
  3. We are silent bottles that are not afraid of falling Food grade liquid silicone material Not afraid of falling, not broken Won't scare baby
  4. Safe and worry-free EU silicone pacifier standard, not afraid of pulling 
  5. Close to breast milk strength The structure of the nipple is different from breast milk, and the amount of milk sucked at the same time 
  6. The strength of the baby who sucks the pacifier on the pacifier affects the baby’s acceptance of the pacifier
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How to choose a good pacifier

1.Soft and not flat Suitable for baby roll licks Make sucking smoother 

2. High temperature resistant liquid silicone Multiple disinfection methods, safe and secure

3.Soft? Softer? Porous position configuration for selection Meet the needs of different mothers

4.360°multi-angle sucking Soft as a mother's breast, warm and caring 

5. Detachable gravity ball straw Baby drink it


360° Nipple model introduction 

One hole, suitable for 0-3 babies

Two holes, suitable for babies of 3-6 months

Three holes, suitable for babies over 6 months

Cross holes, suitable for babies over 6 months old

Y holes type, suitable for babies over 6 months


Our service:

Mold customization

1. In- House mold development  

2. factory support creative design, and you can open molds with drawings and samples.

3. Provide ODM and OEM OEM production Product technology

Our Production Process 

1. Product development

2. Mold design

3. Mold processing

4. Liquid silicone injection molding

5. Pacifier one way Duck Valve to be developed

6. Silicone Nipple testing

7. 200°high temperature 4 hours two-stage vulcanization

8. Product sorting

9. Full baby bottle inspection

10. Assembly and packaging

11. Quality inspection

12. Warehousing

13. Shipment


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