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Rubber Buffer

In recent years, the demand for rubber buffer become higher and higher, and the application varieties and quantity of vibration reduction rubber buffer are increasing.


Rubber buffer is widely used in chemical industries, food processing, pharmaceutical, beverages, in automobile manufacturing industry,etc.



Rubber buffer has the following advantages:

(1) to protect the process fluids from the pressure sensor.

(2) with multiple directional spring effect, no mater X, Y or Z direction

(3) with moderate damping performance, which can be utilized in the range of low frequency and high frequency damping;

(4) it has various performances such as vibration reduction, buffer and sound insulation;

(5) the impact stiffness is greater than the dynamic stiffness, and the dynamic stiffness is greater than the static stiffness, which is beneficial to reduce the impact deformation and dynamic deformation.



Rubber buffer mainly is with natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, our engineer has improved the heat resistance of rubber buffer, using nitrile rubber (NBR)+, chloroprene rubber (CR) or butyl rubber (IR) or EPDM (EPDM), etc.  rubber buffer with blends material is adopted to improve one item and several performance of rubber materials.



We have also developed special thin wall rubber buffer for actuator applications; these rubber buffer have critical sealing requirements and are manufactured within a tolerance of (or ±0.015 mm).

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