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Why does need the Pipe Test Plug? test for leaks? or pipe repair?
Dec 07 , 2018 | Industry News
The pipeline is like a human intestine, and sometimes it is blocked. Miscellaneous things in daily life, such as toilet paper, can easily get stuck in the pipe and cause blockage of the pipe. Secondly, in the long-term use, a lot of foreign matter will adhere to the inner...
December Statistics for Keyword of Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts in 2018
Dec 05 , 2018 | Industry News
Melon Rubber industry Co.,Ltd. is recognized as the most professional manufacturer of Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts with its more than ten years experience in this career. Also Melon is a full-functioned rubber factory which enables us to advise our customer of the most suitable...
How to mold custom rubber parts and silicone parts?how is custom rubber gasket manufacturing process?
Dec 04 , 2018 | Industry News
There are many types of rubber products(custom rubber gasket, rubbe ring, seal gasket, o-ring, silicone parts and etc), but their production process is basically the same.   How to mold custom rubber parts and silicone parts?how is custom rubber gasket manufacturing...
How to make rubber part without burrs, no deflashing at rubber part manufacturer-Manual trimming and Cryogenic Deflashing and Finishing
Nov 29 , 2018 | Industry News
At Melon Rubber, we offer both rubber deflashing way -manual trimming and cryognic deflashing.  different part structure, different rubber mould design, different deflashing trimming way. for example, like to middle or big size custom rubber gasket with ribs or...
2018 Newest Inquiries for Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts in November
Nov 27 , 2018 | Industry News
Melon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd. has been offering a complete line of Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts for more than 10 years. And we can not only manufacture your existing Liquid Silicone Rubber Parts or plastic parts, but also support new projects/products by assisting with design...
How to mold and choose rubber gaskets and seals for Pump and Valve Industry? ( Air Pumps, Electromagnetic Valve)
Nov 26 , 2018 | Industry News
Rubber gaskets and seals are one of the keys to pump sealing since they are often required exceptional chemical and thermal resistance for a wide range of temperatures.  Common rubber gasket seal materials: EPDM, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber and fluoro rubber, which have...
How to choose the right silicone vibrator supplier?
Nov 20 , 2018 | Industry News
These days there are numerous silicone vibrator suppliers are available to choose from, so it will be quite difficult to pick up the best one among them. It is highly advisable to pick the right silicone vibrator supplier that has many years of experience in this field. As well...
What is the difference between solid normal silicone and liquid silicone rubber?
Nov 15 , 2018 | Industry News
The finished products of liquid silicone rubber and solid sillicone are not easy to distinguish. Here are some reference choices how to silicone injection molding design guide Manufacturing?       1. Material...
Types and Advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber
Nov 14 , 2018 | Industry News
The Liquid Silicone Rubber is one of the most popular materials. It is the platinum-cured elastomer. The LSR is injected into the mold cavity to manufacture various parts. The liquid silicone rubber is varied in the elastomer industry. The liquid silicone rubber parts are used...
Nov 05 , 2018 | Industry News
CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO Exhibition Time:NOVEMBER 5-10, 2018 Exhibition location:National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) NECC (Shanghai) covers a total area of 500,000 m², including 400,000 m² indoor exhibition hall and 100,000 m²...
China O-ring good quality feedback from Switzland Client
Oct 30 , 2018 | Company News
Dear Anna, Good day! The O-rings look really good and 70SH hardness seems fine, everything seems to be fine. we will contact you back as soon as we need more, or whenever an improovement is required. As i told you before we are pretty satisfied with your product...
DIN 3771 Reach Rohs Conform Rubber O-ring ID 27 x CS 1 mm
Sep 28 , 2018 | Company News
Inquiry Information: O-Ring ID 27 x CS 1 mm Silicone 30 +- 5 SH, red or clear, please quote optional with PTFE coating REACH + RoHs conform Tol. DIN 3771 100 samples + air fee 100000alt. 250000 alt. 500000 alt. 10000000 pcs.   What is PTFE coating? what...
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