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New Conductive Silicone Rubber for Insulators and Cables Manufacturers

•Melon Rubber has been supplying component rubber and Gasket to major insulators and cables manufacturers for many years. When a leader in the cable industry needed an Rubber Sealing washers material specifically designed to perform in the Conductive environments of high-efficiency condensing furnace units, it turned to the Melon Rubber team for assistance.


Rubber Sealing Washers
Material hardness :60 ±5

materialantistatic, <=109 Ohm at 500Volt

Elongation at break>400%

Tensile strength >7MPA

Silicone mould

REACH+RoHs conform Lower price

The cable manufacturer needed an sealing washer with above characteristics , As far as Melon could tell, the combination of material requirements needed in the new elastomer had never before been addressed.


•Introducing Melon 4305
Melon Rubber accepted the challenge of pioneering the latest custom compound in the cable industry, All the hard work of the team ultimately resulted in new-engineered compound they named Melon 4305 which could with above material character.

•To create Melon 4305, Melon assembled a comprehensive team that included its own silicone mould specialists, customer representatives and strategic partners from its supply chain to find a solution that could be economically processed. The team outlined the parameters under which the part must function, constructed numerous tests to be performed consecutively on the rubber material and then on the finished parts. The team also agreed on a long-term evaluation — the goal was to obtain functionality with a service life of 10 years


“antistatic silicone insulators”的图片搜索结果



“antistatic silicone insulators”的图片搜索结果



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