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Food Grade Silicone Stacking Blocks

Food Grade Silicone Stacking Blocks

Price:US $1.5-$2.8

*Food Grade silicone marerial,silicone molded baby toys,No BPA, Safe building block toys for baby.
*Soft silicone building block, six sided cognitive enlightenment.
*3D dimensional shape, tactile cognition, easy to grasp, inspire baby's talent with building blocks.
*Safe material, can rest assured hot water, or steam disinfection.
*Baby shower toys, p
laying blocks can become a baby shower play toys.

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Food Grade Silicone Playing Blocks for Babies

Wholesale Soft Building Blocks 

1.Select food grade silicone safety material, free to bite and not worry.

2.Each silicone baby block has six aspects, soft cubes for babies,covering six different dimensions of different content, to fully enlighten the baby's early education knowledge.

3.The size of the building block is moderate, which can be easily squeezed and kneaded to exercise the baby's grasping ability.

4.Food grade blocks can be used as baby's teething toy. The surface of silicone building block is smooth without burr and corner, so you don't have to worry about damaging baby's gums and mouth.

Soft food grade silicone blocks, non-toxic and odorless, No BPA.

Soft blocks for babieseasy texture, soft and elastic, specially designed for baby teething.

There are different textures on the soft building blocks. By biting the building blocks, the baby can massage the gums , soothe the baby's nervous mood, and ease the teething period.

Custom Silicone Stacking Blocks 

As an OEM manufacturer, Melon can customize your building block toys. Please share your drawings or design ideas, we will provide the best plan in the shortest time.

Q1: Can I get some samples?

A: of course, please contact us, free samples will be sent to you soon.

Q2: What material is this baby teething bibs?

A: high quality cotton on the front and fleece on the back,silicone teether.

Q3: Can I customize the Logo?

A: Yes, we provide customized service. Please contact us and provide drawings.

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