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546 Cavties Custom O-rings Compression Molds Manufacturers: High-Quality EPDM FKM O-rings at Wholesale Prices

546 Cavties Custom O-rings Compression Molds Manufacturers: High-Quality EPDM FKM O-rings at Wholesale Prices


Lead Time:15days

Tolerance is according to DIN 3771

Rubber Compounds: NBR/EPDM/NR/CR/SIR/FKM and So on

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**1.Compression Mold Design:**
   -1. **Material Selection:** 
Choose a right rubber material suitable for the application, considering factors such as hardness,temperature resistance, chemical compatibility, and durability.
   -2. **Design Rubber O-rings Geometry:**
 Develop a compression mold design of custom o-rings that precisely replicates the desired O-ring dimensions, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the final Metric o-ring/X-ring/Custom O-rings
   -3 **Parting Line Considerations:** 
Optimize parting line design/ mold processing to minimize flash and facilitate, which is key points to ensure efficient demolding.
   - 4**Venting System:**
 Incorporate a venting system to release air and prevent air trapped during the custom o-ring compression molding process, ensuring the production of high-quality O-rings with high production rate.

**2. Custom O-rings Compress Molding Processing:**
   - **Material Preparation:** pre-pare custom rubber compound according to the specified formulation to achieve the desired material properties.
   - **Preheating Mold:** Preheat the mold to the recommended temperature to enhance material flow and reduce curing time.
   - **Valcanzied Compression Molding:** Using Valcanzied compression molding machine follows compression molding techniques, applying heat and pressure to the mixed rubber compounds in the mold cavity to achieve the desired shape.
   - **Demolding:** When curing time comes to end and then the compression mold is opened, worker should wearing sleeve quickly take out whole shot o-rings and clean the mold core and then to make next shots O-rings compression molding. Note to control demoulding time and raw rubber compounds weight, if to put too much raw material will cause runnner very thick, difficult to make trimming.
If demoulding is too slowly, mold core temperature will be cool down, next shot compression molding will take more long time to heat, which effect rubber o-rings quality and production rate. 

1. *Is your custom O-ring compliant with my specific size and requirements?*

   **Answer:** Yes, as a professional manufacturer, we can produce customized O-rings according to your specific size and requirements. We have advanced production equipment and an experienced engineering team to ensure each O-ring perfectly suits your application.

2. *Can your custom rubber O-rings withstand high temperatures or chemical corrosive environments?*

   **Answer:** Yes, we offer a variety of material options, including those resistant to high temperatures and chemical corrosion. For instance, our FKM material O-rings perform exceptionally well in high-temperature and chemical environments, ensuring long-term reliability and durability.

3. *What is your Rubber production lead time?*
   **Answer:** Our production lead time depends on the order quantity and complexity. Typically, upon order confirmation, 7-15days,We have an efficient production flow to ensure timely delivery.

4. *Are your custom O-ring molds designed to match specific geometries and tolerances?*
   **Answer:** Certainly, our custom O-ring molds are meticulously designed to match specific geometries and tolerances. Precision is a priority to ensure the accurate replication of desired O-ring dimensions.

5. *Can you accommodate special material requests for custom O-ring molds?*
   **Answer:** Yes, we can accommodate special material requests for custom O-ring molds. Our goal is to provide flexibility in material selection based on the unique requirements of your application.

6. *How do you ensure uniformity in the production of custom O-rings through compression molding?*

   **Answer:** Uniformity in custom O-ring production is ensured through precise compression molding techniques. This involves applying heat and pressure to the material within the mold to achieve consistent shapes and properties.

7. *What surface finish options are available for custom O-rings produced through compression molding?*

   **Answer:** We offer various surface finish options for custom O-rings produced through compression molding, ensuring smooth finishes that meet aesthetic and functional requirements.

8. *Do you conduct quality testing on custom O-rings, and what parameters are considered?*
   **Answer:** Yes, comprehensive quality testing is conducted on custom O-rings. Parameters include visual inspection, hardness testing, and dimensional checks to guarantee the integrity of each O-ring.

9. *Can you provide insights into the cost breakdown for custom O-ring compression molding services?*
   **Answer:** Certainly, we can provide a detailed cost breakdown for custom O-ring compression molding services, outlining expenses related to mold design, material, production, and any additional considerations.

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