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13CM length Suede Leather Cleaning Brush to France

13CM length Suede Leather Cleaning Brush to France

  • Simple and effective, the Saphir Crepe Wood Brush gently and thoroughly removes soiling and stains from suede and nubuck, also restoring the texture to matted-down areas and shiny spots.
  • Because it is a mechanical process, no harm is done to the color or the leather, and you control the pressure and friction, preventing damage to these delicate napped leathers.
  • Easy to hold, the rubber crepe ribbon is firmly mounted into a polished beechwood handle.
  • Size: 4 3/4
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Melon Rubber&Plastic is professional Leather Cleaning Brush supplier and wholesale with high quality.

Most people think that it is difficult to care for fur or nubs. In fact, they are easier to clean and maintain than smooth skins - if you have the right tools. Flip fur is not as easy to scratch and wear as smooth skin, and there will be no creases. As long as you know how to turn fur, it will always show you the perfect state, and it will be used for many years.

Suede Leather Cleaning Brush

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