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All about the OLO 3D printer
Sep 11 , 2017 | Branchen - News
It seems nearly every day there’s a new 3D printer of some sort on the market, promising innovations in material, speed or size. The new OLO seems to do it all – small, light, easy to use and incredibly cheap. Is this the printer that finally brings digital manufacturing to...
Why in-mold bonding makes sense with increased use of plastics in automotive manufacturing
Sep 11 , 2017 | Branchen - News
( 11/16/2016 ) Written by: Eric Dean by Eric Dean, Manager, Global Business Development and Marketing Strategy at LORD Corporation As plastics become more capable in terms of heat resistance and strength, they are replacing more...
How liquid silicone rubber is creating new opportunities and solutions
Sep 11 , 2017 | Branchen - News
( 01/18/2017 ) Written by: Eric Dean Although the use of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) platinum-cured silicone has been around for more than 20 years, its use is rapidly expanding in already established markets and creating opportunities...
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