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Liquid silicone rubber is widely used in several industries
Sep 10,2019 | Other News

Liquid Silicone Rubber is a famous material in the market. The LSR is the platinum-cured elastomer that injected into the mold cavity. It helps to manufacture the different types of parts. The liquid silicone rubber is widely used in several industries for different applications such as industrial markets, infant care, automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics and others. The liquid silicone rubber parts have excellent characteristics such as durable, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, temperature resistance, biocompatibility, and others. So it is suitable for short and long part production. 


Most of the manufacturing companies are using LSR parts due to their performance. This type of components will stand over time and surroundings have a reduced effect on it. It resists from the cruel atmosphere by showing the anti-crack resistance and containing the high color transparency level. The features of LSR parts are:
* Reduce weight
* Create exact micro-structures
* Excellent parts flexibility
* Design a unique piece by different thicknesses
* Develop components suitable to the harsh atmosphere


By using the liquid silicone rubber components you can gain huge ranges of benefits like stability, LSR capabilities, high resistance, automation, and much more. If the application needs great durability then the LSR parts are the best solution by keeping the high level of transmission.  It has high resistance to the water, ozone, weather, and others. It offers great resistance properties. This material has the capability to resist the great temperatures. It offers the maximum efficiency when manufacturing the parts.


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